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Czech for Foreigners Added:31.12. 2012
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Czech for Foreigners

Although there is a number study programmes held in English or other foreign languages at Czech universities, there are also those, which are still held only in Czech. To not being deprived of a opportunity to study those, there are numbers of courses focused on teaching Czech for foreigners.

Courses of the Czech for foreigners are organized by the universities themselves the same as in private language schools. There is a great selection to choose, according to their lenght, intensity, location, number of participants etc.

Czech for beginners

If you have never been in the Czech Republic and do not speak Czech at all, it is recommended to take up one-year or at least semestral course. Intensive courses take cca 25 lessons per week. The deadline for submitting the application on these courses are usualy on September for starting in February, and on February to the courses starting in September.

Choosing the course

Before you choose one of the courses, with regards to your preferencies, knowledge level or location, it is recommended to find out, if the course organiser is accredited to organise these courses. This is needed especially by private companies, to secure that the offered course has a guaranted standard of quality. It is also needed to find out at first, if the course is concluded with an official exam and getting the Certificate of Achievement. This certificate entitles you to sign up for the study programm in Czech language. You should inform yourself about the level of language knowledge needed in the school you want to attend. Usually minimally B2 level is required.

How to choose

If you alerady know, which field of study or even which Czech university you would like to study at, it is always better to ask at its Department of Language Studies or other related departments organising language learning, if any course of czech language is opened here. This helps you to prepare more closely to your future studies in specific field.

The courses of Czech for foreigners are held almost on every bigger university. Mostly they provide these courses not only for their future or potentital students – they are opened to everyone.

There are also courses specializing in the teaching of the participants, who want to study in Czech at some of the Czech universities. If you are going to study in some non-czech field of study (e.g. in English), you can enrol on a course, which helps you to improve your skills in everyday communication in Czech.

The courses are mostly taken in English, but also in Russian, Spanish etc. The average number of participants is ten per course, but this numebr differes from course to course.

The course and axam fees

The prices may vary a lot, since it is influenced by its lenght and intensity, venue, number of participants in a group and other specifics. One-year czech course held at unievrsities costs aproximately 90.000 CZK.

The fee for the exam is usualy paid separately and it cost from 1.500 to 3.800 CZK according to the level and institution organising.

If you need to take a course to gain Permanent Residency, you must take up special Exam. More information about this type of course and exams you can find on the website

Author: Černá, Lucie

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