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Titles BBA, DBA, MSc, LLM: What is it and where to get it Added:26.2. 2013
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Titles BBA, DBA, MSc, LLM: What is it and where to get it

The MBA is becoming quite well known in the Czech Republic. However, not only managers have his title – except MBA and BBA and DBA variants at several Czech schools can get for the name to be LLM or MSc. What do these abbreviations mean and where such a title you get?

Titles like BBA, MBA, DBA or LLM offers in Czech Republic for over twenty schools. Very often the foreign universities or their affiliates. All of the above titles is originally comes from abroad and in the Czech education system are so-called „recognition procedure“ – that education is therefore not considered adequate university study degrees are professional, not academic. Nevertheless, the study of these programs supported by the Ministry of Education, the acquisition increases the price of graduates in the labor market, according to research grants them a higher salary and also make them very working abroad.

** LLM – Master of Laws **

LLM degree is designed for graduates or graduates legal education neprávnického education with experience in the legal field. It is suitable for managers and corporate executives, public servants and of course also for lawyers and attorneys who deal with commercial and corporate law – and in commercial and corporate law is also the most focused study. The study lasts from one to three and a half years, the price ranges from 200.000 to 300.000, – CZK. Until recently it was only possible to obtain an LLM abroad – it today in Czech Republic offer the following schools:

  • „The Free Swiss University of St. George's“: http: //www.universi­ in International Law, in Prague in presence and distance learning; course lasts two years and is offered in languages ​​Czech, English, German, Russian, Slovak
  • „University of New York in Prague“:…-prague-sro/#… (UNYP) in the field of international commercial law and weekend buffet; studies in English lasts one year
  • „Brno International Business School (BIBS)“: http: // in the fields of Czech commercial law in the context of EU / International business law and commercial law EU and Slovak commercial law in the context of EU / International Trade Law and commercial law EU, the Czech and Slovak and in the duration of 30 months if the student prior legal training, eventually. 42 months if it does not
  • „Masaryk univerzita“:…cka-fakulta/#… in „Corporate Law“: http: //­.cz/content/cs/stu­dium/llm/, studying English form of weekend lasts two years

** MSc – Master of Science **

MSc programs related to various areas of IT across the natural sciences to the social sciences. They are designed for graduates at least a bachelor's degree. The specific focus of the program is then expressed in the title, eg. Master of Science in Business Administration, Master of Science in Finance, Master of Science in Information Technology, and the like. The variability of the areas in which it is possible to obtain the MSc is thus relatively large. MSc is unlike MBA studies focused less practical and contains more research and theoretical elements. Usually takes one to two and a half years and cost about 100.000 to 200.000, – CZK. You can get it at the following schools:

  • „London International Graduate School“: http: //www.ligscho­ (LIGS) in the fields of Marketing Management, Financial Management and HR management, length of study is one year in the form of interactive online teaching
  • „Brno International Business School“: http: // (BIBS) in Law and Economics and Economics and Management, combined in Czech lasting two and a half years
  • „Prague College“: http: //­soke-skoly/prague-college/#/q/Pra­gue%20College%7C%7C%7CP­%7C in Management for one year, in English and combined Buffet
  • „Brno University of Technology, Faculty of podnikatelská“:…dnikatelska/#… (FP VUT) in the field of MSc in Business and Informatics / IT, in English, combined with duration of two years

** MBA – Master of Business Administration **

This title is already in the Czech environment is relatively old, but about him, let us at least basic information. This is the title of manager; typical student entrepreneur is moving for several years in practice who wants to improve their management skills and increase your worth in the labor market. Many schools, the conditions have at least three years in a managerial position. Do MBA studies are often recruited only students who already have at least a bachelor's degree (the English term „master“ is also equivalent to Czech „Master“). Yet even schools that allow writing to the MBA degree without or adopt for studying a person without a title, if the lack of offset amount and duration of practical experience. In countries like the US and Great Britain's Daily MBA equivalent of our study engineering at business schools and faculties.

The study usually takes a year and a half to three years and is the most practically oriented. The Czech Republic is always paid (even if you want him to study at a public university, eg. The „University“: http: //­soke-skoly/vysoke-uceni-technicke-v -Brno /). Currently there are „over twenty schools“: http: //www.srovnanim­­px that offer an MBA. Home school associates also „Czech Association of MBA Schools“: http: //­ka.asp? Id = 3rd

** BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration **

BBA is a kind of preparation for the MBA. If the MBA was seen as the study of MA, BBA can be seen as the undergraduate level, respectively. a variant thereof – but with the difference that can take only two terms, namely one year (in reality, more classical program lasts three years). BBA program is designed primarily for graduates of secondary schools with little or no managerial experience and is designed to give participants the opportunity to complement their theoretical education and knowledge especially in the areas of management, marketing, human resources or rights.

This program in the Czech Republic offers five schools:

  • „London International Graduate School (LIGS)“: http: //www.ligscho­ distance learning in the field of Interactive Online BBA / Management (one-year study)
  • „Czech Management Institute“: http: // in the field BBA / Economics and Management (three-year study)
  • „Brno International Business School“: http: // (BIBS) in the fields of BA (Hons) in Law and Business Management / Law and Economics and a BA (Hons) in Business Management / Economics and Management (three and half years of study)
  • „Prague College“: http: //­soke-skoly/prague-college/#/q/Pra­gue%20College%7C%7C%7CP­%7C in the field BA (Hons) International Management / International Management (three years of study)

** DBA – Doctor of Business Administration **

This title is „doctoral“ version of the MBA. If the provider DBA degree program, the necessary contract with a foreign university, can be obtained title DBA replaced by internationally valid and recognized in the Czech environment, Ph.D. Study DBA is designed especially for top managers, who want to get the highest attainable standard of education in the field of management and are interested in as well as scientific research aspect of managerial work. The course usually three to five years.

In the Czech Republic you can get this title at the following schools:

  • „London International Graduate School“: http: //www.ligscho­ (LIGS) in the fields of Management, Finance, Marketing and HR Management (specialty of this study as a compulsory language course in Hawaii)
  • „Brno International Business School“: http: // (BIBS) in Management
  • „Prague International Business School“: http: //­glish/pibs.php (PIBS) at University DBA program

How to choose?

You can choose according to prestige, price, duration of study and by language of instruction. As with academic study, the degree of contact as much effort you put into it. The quality of some schools warrants „Czech Association of MBA Schools“: http: //­ka.asp? Id = 3rd Another organization, „The Association of Management Education“: http: //, in turn, has created a search engine, in which it is possible to set both fields in which you would like to get the education and the culture of learning, its price the length of the program or language. You can find it on the „Srovnání“: http: //www.srovnanim­

Source: website of the Association of institutions of management education, websites Czech Association of MBA Schools websites of the schools

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