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Harrachovský workshop brought discussion on the work of volunteers at sporting events in the mountains Added:7.3. 2013
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Harrachovský workshop brought discussion on the work of volunteers at sporting events in the mountains

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The series of workshops dedicated to the topic of the work of volunteers at sporting events continued in Harrachov Orea Vital Hotel Sklar. Unlike the FIS World Cup Ski cross in which the participants planned to visit, and eventually canceled the bad weather, organizers have succeeded. Even if they had to deal with last-minute series omluvenek.

Martina Kozáková, project coordinator of volunteers running RunCzech league, where he falls seven major races including the Volkswagen Prague Marathon, presented the draft program methodology „Working with volunteers“, which ran stimulating discussions. Primarily on corporate social responsibility and involvement of companies engaged in volunteering in general, not only at sporting events. * „By working together formed great friendships often for life,“ recalled George * Cupák Diakonie Centre of Light in Vrchlabí.

Then Andrew Sezima of Fire and Rescue Service introduced the concept very interesting methodology „management of critical situations.“

Leoš Zavřel, a representative of the Mountain Rescue Service spoke about clothes (not only) volunteers in winter and mountain events. Was also discussed procedures and consultations during the planning of sports events in the mountains and protected areas.

He also introduced the concept of Czech Olympic Foundation, which has supported Czech sports stars, and the possibility of involvement of volunteers in their activities.

New Grant project, and also cooperate in its implementation offers College of Physical Education and Sport Palestra in Prague. It focuses on the increasingly more common, but still undescribed professionally and nediskutovaný system of training of volunteers at sporting events. Its full and exact name sounds create and pilot test training system in general and vocational competencies volunteers at public events.

The aim of the project is the creation of eight training modules for volunteers and organizers of sporting events. Their awareness is one of the areas that often run out of time or money. Yet even mistake volunteer may decide to failure of the whole, after many months or years, built business. „The outcome of our coursework will be a comprehensive methodology in electronic form, which we publicly available,“ adds Petr Hedrlín, expert guarantor and race director Palestra Kbelská 10th

  • „Now you're editing a website where you place the processed material from past workshops,“ * says project manager, Kamila Bulířová.

Another workshop is planned for May, most likely in the Czech Budejovice. His leitmotif will be sporting events in nature and environmental protection. And he wants to discuss specific organization of events with international impact.

Current information about the project is available at „project website“: http: //palestradobro­volnik.webnode­.cz/.

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