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KAM after high school? CONTACT 2013, University of Pardubice Added:12.3. 2013
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KAM after high school? CONTACT 2013, University of Pardubice

Press news

The job fair titled „KONTAKT 2013“ became the University of Pardubice traditional spring event for graduating classes and all university students who are interested about their future professional life.

Fair KONTAKT, his twelfth year, will be held at the University of Pardubice Wednesday 13th March. In the university campus in Pardubice – Polabinach will be between 9:00 am and 15:00 am presenting over fifty companies from different areas, and at two locations – in the auditorium of the university campus and in the lobby of the Faculty of Chemical Technology. Moreover, even nearly a dozen printing companies offer possibilities of students in the Department of printing and photophysics, unique Faculty of Chemical Technology in the Technology Pavilion in Doubravice.

Concentrated in one day, so can all college students, pomýšlející out where he will go up successfully complete their studies, to inform about the possibilities of your prospective employment.

  • "We are committed to ensuring that our graduates are well prepared for practice and subsequently acquired

quality and promising career, „* says the rector of the University of Pardubice prof. Ing. Miroslav Ludwig, MD. and adds: * "It's obviously been trying to adapt teaching, but also because we also organize such direct contact events such as job fairs, where students meet with employers, gain valuable information to make an idea about their entitlements to employees. The possibility of personal interview can significantly affect other decisions of our students a chance to launch their promising career. “*

In the auditorium of the University of Pardubice will be presented to 35 companies operating in different sectors of the economy, both at the stands and during lectures and individual meetings and consultations with students. Students can present staffing company managers ask for detailed working conditions and course of the admission procedure, find their chances, HR professionals can offer your resume. Lower grade students can get information Professional experience and internships in companies or arrange a thesis topic. During the day visitors can see a company presentation, consult the appearance of your CV with a specialist participate in various competitions and prizes, which the company prepare students for a lecture or visit on „labor market – how to do it?“ For all participants of the fair is also ready catalog, which is a summary of basic information about the participating companies and students could assist in deciding what their future profession.

Ivan Vesely from the Information and Counselling Centre of the Faculty of Economics and Administration of the organizer Fair adds: * „fair Contacts brings several years of mutual benefit both future graduates and participating companies. College students may be better oriented, where and under what conditions may begin their careers and businesses can find employees fresh, full of vigor and In addition, ideas and unloaded from the vices of others. “*

In the lobby of the Faculty of Chemical Technology, then the candidate will be another twenty companies the chemical industry. Some of them are partners of the faculty in the Partnership for chemistry. Here, visitors will be given as future graduates of space for meetings, exchange of contacts and discussions with potential employers recruiters from the ranks of the chemical industry.

A similar program then runs in the morning and in the Department of Printing and photophysics in Technology Hall University in Doubravice, where it will be available to students nearly a dozen other Printing companies.

The job fair is an important contribution and support of the University of future graduates in their quest for good labor market outcomes.

  • For more information: *

*** *** Ivan Vesely

  • Information and Counselling Centre of the Faculty of Economics and Administration UPa, phone 466 036 454 *
  • Ing. Iva Ulbrichová, PhD. *

*** Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice, phone 466 037 514 ***

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