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How to soft skills? Learn outside the classroom! Added:26.3. 2013
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How to soft skills? Learn outside the classroom!

Although in connection with the prospects of passing the exams at GCSE or high most inflect preparatory courses, not a single species-school education, which can help future graduates with their graduation in these areas succeed. Throughout the year can also participate in many other activities.

A lot of high schools and universities, organizations and commercial entities organized during the year and those activities that may contribute to some extent to the ultimate success of high school students in their further study path. Feature classical preparatory courses, although not directly, but they can help expand their horizons and develop knowledge in the field. The fact that participation in them can applicants for university studies bring valuable points, or at least subject to an interview during the admission procedure, not to mention.

Advancement of knowledge in extracurricular education

One of these may be necessary event organized by the so-called. ** Generations Y **. These focus primarily on those pupils and students who enjoy everything about science and technology. The aim of the project then there is nothing else than they can support this and further develop primarily to motivate for further studies just so focused faculties. During the year, the candidates because of the activities Generation Y can attend various seminars, workshops, as well as camps, after school activities and competitions. Website of the project implemented by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports under the Operational Programme Education for Competitiveness.

** Web: ** „“: http: //

An interesting project (not only) for high school graduates can then be BRKOS ** ** (Brno Correspondence Seminar). It is a remote workshop for all high school students, or even younger, who like math. It is organized under the auspices of the Division of Mathematics „Faculty fakulty“:…cka-fakulta/#… „Masaryk University“: http: //­soke-skoly/masarykova-univerzita/ and lies, as can easily be deduced, in the corresponding competition in solving mathematical problems. The best they can get as a reward for math and concentration get small prizes. For high school graduates has yet possible participation in BRKOSu especially one benefit that because of his activities may strengthen or develop mathematical skills and logical thinking.

** Web: ** „­“: http: //­

Science project is also aimed ** ** Junior Science Café roofed civic associations are opening. It is intended primarily for young people aged 13 to 19 years. The project involves a cycle of informal discussion meetings of scientists and young people interested in science, and at various locations in the Czech Republic – most often in various chamber areas such as art galleries, cafés and student clubs.

** Web: ** „“: http: //sciencecafe­.cz/juniorcafe/

Courses, conferences

During the school year is also worthwhile browse the Internet and search for events organized educational or career companies. One good source of information could be a section „Conferences and professional training“: http: //­ference/ on Some of these students may even get a discount. Useful for searching a relevant training course but can be even „this page“: http: // on the same website. Courses for students of different nature focuses example, „Aha Agency“: http: // But if you have a desire to strengthen knowledge instead of more memory, you can try a course of „Prostar, Ltd.“: http: // -pameti / focused just on effective learning and memory development.

=== Preparatory Courses

Most preparatory courses for graduation or přijímačkám focuses on mathematics, science, Czech or general knowledge, but there are also those that are preparing for the exam in a foreign language. To look after them can be, for example, at language schools and agencies, although sometimes it is also held by some universities. Hone language skills but you can also completely free – examples are the courses organized by „International Student Club“: http: // Q = en / Language-programs „Czech Technical University in Prague“: http: //­soke-skoly/ceske-vysoke-uceni-technicke-v-praze/.

=== Online Tests

It is no surprise that education can be quite common today from the comfort of home. Graduates can try different types of tests on the internet, often on specialized websites (such as „“: http: //, „www.odmaturuj­“:, „“:…, „Testy.vzdela­“: http: //testy.vzdela­ and many others). Some, however, are paid. If you have already chosen a specific college to which you want to report it pays to investigate just as its website. Many schools to publish them because tests from previous years admission procedure, but also need e-learning courses (such as „Masaryk University“: http: // In addition to knowledge tests but definitely worth to try some of the career tests that can undecided graduates with their graduation indicate which direction the next academic path to take. Representative of such a test may need to be the one with the title „What fits“: http: //­soke-skoly/pruvodce-vyberem-skoly/ that can go on the website of the recruitment portal


Author: Černá, Lucie

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