Lecture about studying in Australia, local work and travel, full of information! Added:8.4. 2013
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Lecture about studying in Australia, local work and travel, full of information!

Are you interested in studying in Australia and you do not have enough information? The most convenient way to learn detailed „information about studying in Australia“: http: //www.australie-studium.cz/studium-v-australii/ is about it personally speak with people who all have experienced. Their experience of the studies, livelihoods and traveling can be a crucial guide in your decision whether to go Down Under.

Agency STUDYLINE therefore invites those interested in studying in Australia in one of his lectures, which will also include free discussion.

Lectures are held ** in Brno, Prague, Plzeň and Liberec ** and information about them can be found on our sites. Admission to all lectures is free, and you also have the chance to participate in a draw for prizes or use some of the special offers stays in Australia.

Dates and venues of lectures:

* Australia – talks about studying, working and traveling
17. 4. 2013 16:00 Brno BUT, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Veveří 331/95, Brno, classroom C 310 (Building C, 3rd floor)
23. 4. 2013 18:00 Prague ALL us. W. Churchill 4, Praha 3, classroom SB 227 (old building, 2nd floor)
23. 4. 2013 16:30 Pilsen Faculty of Economics, University of West Bohemia, Jan Hus 11, Pilsen, classroom HJ 108
15. 5. 2013 17:30 Liberec Research Library, Rumjancevova 1, Liberec (small hall, 4th floor)

[* Australia-more-sm.jpg>] ** What about all the participating waiting for? Evenings full of interesting and useful information. ** The lectures will focus on the antipodes, namely to travel, work and study in Australia. The aim of the lecture is to give you as much information so you can create the stay in Australia a specific idea. You will learn about the possibilities and conditions of study, destinations, visas, work and employment opportunities, accommodation and travel. We will also deal with the procedure for handling stays, services prior to departure and during their stay.

** At the end of the lectures will be about studying in Australia discussion. ** During this discussion we will focus more on the most discussed areas of lectures, and a selection of the best schools and destination, obtaining a visa and accommodation or travel.

Do not have time or not Australia Your next stop?

If the above terms you are unable to attend the lecture, but would still like to get more information about what is work or study in Australia, come „at any of the branches STUDYLINE“: http: //www.australie-studium.cz/kontakty / and everything you need to learn there. You can visit the course website specialized agencies ** ** www.Australie-studium.cz that have a very wide range of language and professional courses, ensures you assistance before departure, but also during your stay in Australia. If Australia is not the right destination for you, visit our website ** ** www.Studyline.cz, where you can find information about all our programs:

  • Australia – study, work, travel, visas, air tickets
  • Language courses abroad – for children and youth, adults, managers, teachers and seniors
  • Colleges and universities abroad
  • Au pair stays in the US and Europe
  • Working Abroad Programs
  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Discount ISIC, ITIC and IYTC
  • Tax refund

Free admission for the public is a matter of course, so feel free to come! We are happy to share with you the experience and the experiences that we study in Australia has brought about.

We look forward to you! Team agencies STUDYLINE

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