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Teacher Martin Emperor: Maturity can be managed even after three weeks of learning. If you are smart. Added:9.5. 2013
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Teacher Martin Emperor: Maturity can be managed even after three weeks of learning. If you are smart.

What is the optimal time for preparing for graduation? And when they catch it? Anything we can do in the day of the test? We asked the teacher of history and social sciences. (Ed .: article was 29. 5. 2014 (LC))

  • Martin Emperor (44) teaches at the Grammar School square Slavic history and doctrine of society. The preparation of students for the matriculation examination has years of experience. He talks about how to ideally prepare for graduation. And also the fact that even a few weeks can do a lot if you are able to work hard. *

What do you think is the best time to prepare for a high school diploma?

I can not estimate. I myself graduated from high school many years ago and I kept it at the last minute. It's a memento for me to present work. Whenever I feel the need for students to begin, at the latest at the beginning of the fourth year, I try to remind students how hectic for me was to leave it to the last two or three weeks. Leave it to the Holy Week, when anything can happen when a person can lie down as much as I once did, with fever and angina. I think the best for them is at least the third year in a good pick seminars toward their graduation and their entrance exams, and prepare to have that in them one works properly. After all, these ideas are objects that students already enjoy and to them indispensable profile. Active participation in seminars is to me the first part of the preparation. Regarding this, somehow systematize graduation issues, curriculum, complete themes and the like, it seems to me utterly individual and everyone has their own style and pace. If a student chooses to graduate to be my subject, that of history or social science, anyway I advised him to immediately start wondering about current events, read the internet, have an interest in international relations, and so on. Because these are things that simply can not be learned.

Do you think that learning to have her holy week is possible?

It is possible. I even think that it is possible for a graduate constellation perfect but that does not mean that from a senior leaving us ready and that it should be reflected at the first seminar in college. Graduation is for me only one partial exam. Today it is after all just goes completely different than it was for us. Students go to the graduation, on top admitted to college, so I simply just need any sum is less than sixteen. And that was it for them fades. So I think it's possible, but only for students who are intelligent, who worked in the examined subjects had previous standard four years and I'm just a little systematize what would then have to answer questions on specific graduation.

Suppose a student is a bit of a slob who really taught through high school. A splaší is necessary now – a month or two before graduation. What should he do?

If he recovers really now, therefore be in the order of a month or two before her graduation, and it becomes a – somewhat utopian – a senior responsible, so I think must collapse. Since I assume that the extent to which they subscribed in several subjects is so great that it is impossible to handle at once. So it has come to their senses and this negative aspect. Anyway, it depends on whether it is an intelligent man. Flaws in school may not always be a sign of the inability of some, this may be a matter of family background, personality momentary failure, puberty may be some long-term unrequited love. But if there is one intellect and ability to work, so I think that in order to be two or three weeks, a person is able to intensively study and prepare for the high school diploma so that it can handle. Although not necessary, so that it managed wholly or above average. On the other hand, this is also a matter of luck, it also depends on the extended question. Would that even though it was a small miracle.

So what can be done directly at GCSE

It is a kind of autotréninkem try to do this so that the person calm. This means that despite the fact that there should be unprepared regard, it accommodates only a test. So, as it says in universities – the test is from the word try. If a person is able to manage and mobilize psyche than all his other skills, the ability to improvise logically deduce communicate well, listen to the questions and answer them, so I think that he is able, in a sense succeed. Not all fields are strictly exact, and not all are based on clear facts at the end. When teacher and student are accustomed to each other, the teacher may ask questions so that the student gets and what the test actually learned. It just needs to be heard once in a seminar project or in previous lessons. So what to do: Soothe to cooperate with the investigator, to try to mobilize for fifteen minutes Wristbands everything the student is, try not to upset the most atmosphere, and realize that now it's really up to him. Now there is no excuse as it once was when he was at school. Then it really gives the student something out, if it is about to somewhere. Generally, however, I successfully manage to graduation can not think of any advice that would apply equally to all graduates. Perhaps just what Marecek said a black man in the movie Poets, ‚Learn, learn, learn.‘

Photo: Nela Wurmová;

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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