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The Governing Board meeting, University of Pardubice Added:22.5. 2013
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The Governing Board meeting, University of Pardubice

Press news

On Friday, May 17 acted Governing Board of the University of Pardubice. They met in the new premises of the university center of the square Cs. legions of modern meeting rooms newly renovated, the oldest university building in the city center.

In addition to extensive documents and legal acts, which by law as one of the most important organs College Governing Board discusses college, also elected for another two years of his Presidency – President and two Vice-Presidents.

Rector of the University Professor Miroslav Ludwig evaluate the activities and operations of the University last year, the Governing Board met with the performance of the institutional development plan for 2012 and the budget of the University for 2013.

Members of the Board also discussed the legal acts, which it submitted to the university management, and to which the board should according to the Higher Education Act to issue its university prior written consent of the University is able to perform. Planned legal acts relating to particular easements on the property of the University to facilitate the activities of other companies associated with the acquisition or sale of assets University.

The activities and development of the university, the members of the Management Board of extensive debate.

At the end of the meeting held election of the new Bureau of the Governing Board for the next two years. Former President of the Board of Trustees of the University of Pardubice Ing. Romana lines, MBA, current first deputy governor of the Pardubice region, was replaced after two terms (ie after 4 years) at the head of the Management Board. Ivo Toman, MBA – currently Deputy Director General of Czech Railways (otherwise the former governor of the Pardubice region and also the Deputy Minister of Transport). Deputy Chairperson for two years were: doc. Ing. Iva Ritschelová, PhD., President of the Czech Statistical Office, and Ing. Roman lines, first deputy governor of the Pardubice region.

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