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Experience abroad - a big bonus in my pocket Added:11.6. 2013
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Experience abroad - a big bonus in my pocket

Spend part of their studies abroad, whether for study or work placement is still an attractive option as you make special student years, to gain the necessary experience and strengthen knowledge of a foreign language. The following article will focus on the work stays on and where to find the right one.

=== Erasmus

Although the project Erasmus ** ** is more known as a source of a wide variety of internships, definitely worth it to use for the search for work. It is designed for students who are enrolled in an accredited bachelor's, master's or doctoral program at a university or studying at a college that has an extended Erasmus University Charter ** **. Whether they are studying full-time, combined or distance, but not year of study do not play a role. Conversely condition is that the internship was recognizable as part of the curriculum home school (that is, they are assigned credit for it, or at least record is documented in the Diploma Supplement). Work placement as a mandatory or optional part of the studies, however, do not require all the faculties, and therefore not all work placements within Erasmus statements. The minimum length of work placements as part of this project is 3 months, maximum is one year, and ensures it will always be home high school or its designated agent. You can participate in it but no more than once and always a work full time. Students apply for the organization or administration of any fees internships and scholarship receives a monthly lump sum. As to whether a school or faculty all work placement lists (whether it requires in the study or not) is fully in its decision. Analogous service also provides other programs Lifelong Learning Programme, namely ** ** Leonardo da Vinci, which is compared to the above but designed for graduates. More about him, see „this article“: http: //www.vysokes­­onardo-pracovni-staze-nejen-pro-studenty.

** Web: ** „“:…

Equally important for future opportunities in the labor market may also participate in the program ** Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs **. It is an international exchange program, through which they nascent entrepreneurs (who started his business no more than three years ago) the opportunity to gain experience, but also contacts from established entrepreneurs who run small businesses in other EU countries. The exchange lasts from one month to six months and stay partly funded by the European Union. Age limit of participants is limited.

** Web: ** „“: http: //www.erasmus-entrepreneurs­.eu/index.php#­.UatV1EBWrCk


Also ** ** IAESTE Czech Republic offers work placements, albeit short-lived. They are implemented on the basis of an exchange program and are designed for full-time students of universities participating in the network IAESTE. They shall be annually in February and their length is 8–12 weeks. Students selected for the exchange shall pay an administrative fee of 5.000, – CZK, while 1.500, – CZK from this deposit is refundable after submission of the final report of the residence.

** Web: ** „“: http: //­dex.php? Option = com_content & view = article & id = 313 & Itemid = 205


** ** AIESEC is an international organization which offers both cultural and professional internships for students from around the world. Offered internships are mainly in the field of marketing, HR, finance, project management, education and IT. The condition for participation in the project, among other things. Bachelor's degree, English level B2 / C1 (second foreign language in the relevant destination is an advantage), work experience in the field and the need to be a student or graduate within two years of graduation and 30 years. Practice lasts 4 to 18 months. Throughout the period from registration to the project until the end of the course, the students all support and continual contact, is also part of the preparatory seminary and reintegration. The organization pays a total of 10.000, – CZK, in two installments, 1.000, – CZK trainee returned after visiting the Reintegration workshops.

** Web: ** „“: http: //

=== Global Placements

Global Placements ** ** ** subtitled Interns & interships ** is an agency mediating practices and exchanges between students and employers around the world. Works since 2003. Students and non-students after registration to get a wide database of companies seeking labor. If you are interested can apply for personal mediation, which will be entering the necessary data contacted by Global Placements, and would help him with the necessary paperwork and selecting suitable work placement. Web is sponsored by the European Commission and currently only works in English.

** Web: ** „www.globalpla­“: http: //www.globalpla­

=== Placement UK

When thinking about the practice in the UK, could you throw database of internships offered just in the island kingdom. Their website is a repository of „“: http: // Registration on her, as well as other activities are free. Works since 2001. If you have already attended school and am looking to work abroad, you can help affiliate site „www.intergrad­“: http: //www.intergrad­­dex. php, which brings a number of offers from employers in the United Kingdom. Operators site boasts cooperation with more than 1,800 universities across the UK and Europe; be they students or graduates, however, is not necessary.

** Web: ** „“: http: //, „www.intergrad­“: http: //www.intergrad­ pages / index.php

InterExchange === === and other tips For students and graduates who are willing to go beyond the borders of Europe, can be a useful aid project ** ** InterExchange, which focuses on linking foreign labor and employers based in the United States. Specific job with his help you will not find, but it will help you in providing the necessary visas and also offers some tips on how and where the internship or job search in the USA.

** Web: ** „www.interexchan­“: http: //www.interex­

On placement abroad but also focuses portal should be „www.eurobrus­“: http: //www.eurobrus­­ternship, „www.internship­“: http: //www.interns­ „www.studyabro­“ http: //www.studyabro­­s/internship/de­fault.aspx „www.internjob­“ http: //www.internjob­ and many others.

Traineeship in European Commision

Are you attracted to the ranks of officialdom euronijního? What is it, you can try during a five-month internship (beginning March 1 or October 1). Every year for trainees opened at 1300 points. One of the main conditions, as in one of the EU authorities have is the knowledge of at least two languages ​​(including native, if the applicant is a citizen of an EU country.

** Web: ** „“: http: //ec.europa.e­u/stages/

=== Where to look elsewhere

Offers internships for students and graduates but continuously appear on other directly for internships with nonspecializing website – for example on websites of international companies and organizations, ministries, embassies, etc. If you're lucky, you'll get from the sending company stipend. Surely it is worth also watch bulletin boards and websites own schools, as it usually cooperates with many foreign institutions and companies.


Author: Černá, Lucie

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