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Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is organizing a summer school for high school electronics Added:20.6. 2013
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Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is organizing a summer school for high school electronics

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From Wednesday 19 June to Friday, 21 June welcomed at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Pardubice fifteen new students. They will have the opportunity to attend a special summer school electronics.

  • "The three-day course, we focused on signal processing and image data. Selected students will enable insight into the signal and image processing and management of mobile devices in the form of steerable chassis or air steerable platform. Based on practical examples, we will try to approach them and explain commonly used today principles in solving everyday engineering tasks, "* uncovers the summer school program one of the organizers Ing. George Roleček from the Department of Electrical Engineering FEI.

Summer school starts in electronics Wednesday, June 19 at 8:00 pm and the first day include signal processing. Students will become familiar with the equipment for recording and evaluation of audio data, such as recorders or audio signal processing in selected applications.

Thursday is dedicated to image processing. Within two blocks, students will test software video processing and will deal with selected applications of image processing, such as. Noise reduction, detection object in the scene, and more.

Friday will focus on the management of mobile device. Experience the simple movements of mobile device determine how the management of mobile devices influence the use of acoustic and optical sensors or focus on the interaction between mobile devices using sensors.

  • "In selecting students for summer school, we focused on third grade students of secondary schools. We want to get acquainted with both our work and faculty, so in addition to the scientific program also charged with offering our fields of study. Therefore, we as a place of realization of the summer school chose a specialized laboratory Department of Electrical Engineering of the Faculty, "* closes Ing. George Roleček.

Summer school electronics takes place at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Wednesday, June 19. The beginning of the morning session of the course is always scheduled at 8.00 pm, afternoon session begins at 13.00 hours. Meeting Point is at the gatehouse faculty.

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