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AVE ART !!! Cross-section of students of the art school AVE ART OSTRAVA Added:1.7. 2013
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AVE ART !!! Cross-section of students of the art school AVE ART OSTRAVA

Press news

Private Secondary Art School Ave Art Ostrava exhibits in the gallery VSB-TUO regularly and this year presents the work of their students. The objective and the main focus of the school is to present and convey to the general public activities and results of individual study areas where students solve specific assigned tasks that in the future may encounter within their professional occupation.

The gallery will showcase student work that have arisen in the last two years. This is especially the final or final work. This year, the gallery will present the soil and study interior design with their models and designs interior or goods that are part of our lives. The exhibition will be complemented by the work of students of graphic design and artwork.

During its existence, the school presented in many places of the region and gained a unique place in the offer art education. The school is building its image and try to ensure that their outputs and artistic achievements were part of our everyday lives. Works of art school students can be seen in many places around: the squares statues, sculptures and reliefs in public buildings, graphics, paintings and books. School activities far beyond the North Moravian region.

The basic idea of ​​the existence of schools is to revive traditional handicraft production in the North Moravia region, spilling over into other parts of the country. Despite its short duration – in June 2006, the first graduates left school – has been significantly involved in many artistic activities. Students regularly exhibit and participate in symposiums, not only in the cities in our region, but the name AVE ART begins to be known as well as in many parts of Moravia, Bohemia, Slovakia and Poland.

Exhibition AVE ART !!! will run from 28 June to 30 August 2013. Entry to the gallery is free.

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