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The educational project, not only with top politicians and lawyers! Added:12.7. 2013
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The educational project, not only with top politicians and lawyers!

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For interested students, recent graduates of secondary schools and dealing with issues of social-prepared CEVRO Institute already VI. year of the popular education project Summer Academy of modern politics, law and economics.

The course will be held on days 19 to 23 August 2013 in the building CEVRO Institute in Prague. The basics of economics, political science, sociology and law with which it is familiar Czech specialists, participants will visit the Czech Parliament. Become a parliamentary actors simulation that they approach the process of creation bill in the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic. Equally interesting lecture will also be a cruise to the history of the Charles Bridge. All those who want to educate themselves during the holidays, it may

Summer Academy subscribe via electronic registration until 4 July 2013.

More information is found on „www.cevroinsti­“: http: //www.cevroin­

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