University of JEPurkyně writes second round Added:17.7. 2013
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University of JEPurkyně writes second round

Those interested in studying at the University of JE Purkyně in Ústí nad Labem still have a chance of acceptance in the second rounds of the admissions process. She announced six faculties – Faculty of Arts, Science, Production Technology and Management, Environment and Health Studies. It offers the possibility to apply to the selected fields where it is still spare capacity.

In addition to the Faculty of Health Studies, which has a deadline for submitting applications to 16. 7. 2013, other faculty set deadline for submitting applications ** do ** second half of August. In the second rounds of the admission procedure will have a chance of acceptance about 500 applicants.

** ** Faculty of Health Studies Opens in a second round bachelor program Nursing midwifery, General Nursing and the study program Specialization in Health Occupational Therapy field. Branches are in full-time study. Applications can be submitted until 16. 7. 2013. Within each field assume dopřijmout 6 new students.

Newly faculty offers Bachelor's degree program in Nursing course Nurse in combined form. Faculty and now offers the study to increase the expertise of professionals who are already working. Entries in this field can be submitted until 23. 8. 2013 faculty be admitted to 20 new students.

** Faculty of Environmental Sciences ** This opens the second round for the degree program Ecology and Environmental Protection Environmental Science, and in time form. In this field, students can choose whether they want to study in Ústí nad Labem and Most.

Furthermore, the faculty will accept new students in degree programs with specializations Engineering Ecology Environmental Protection in Industry and Water Management. Here would like Science dopřijmout 100 new students. Entries can be submitted until 20. 8. 2013.

** Faculty of Education ** Faculty of Education opens the second round of admission for 6 dvouoborových combinations at the undergraduate level. These are the fields in full-time studies, namely the combination of music education with English language and literature, Czech language and literature, German language and literature and sbormistrovstvím; Furthermore the combination of English Language and Literature with a combination of technical education and art education with German language and literature. These are the fields for education after their completion can continue teaching at the graduate level combinations.

Furthermore, the faculty offers a combination of three branch to master study. These are courses for Secondary Schools – Art Education Czech language and literature or history and physical education with a combination of history. Application deadline is 19. 8. 2013, the faculty offers 30 vacancies at the undergraduate level and 15 at follow-up master's level.

** Faculty of Production Technology and Managent ** Faculty opens in round 2 of all their studies, ie. Bachelor, Master and PhD. It is possible to study bachelor's degree in management manufacturing, energy – heat, Materials and Technologies in Transport, Manufacturing security. Most courses can be studied full-time and part-time, as well as in the master study.

Production Management Branch opens in Ústí nad Labem, but also at the remote site in Chomutov. The deadline for applications is 25. 8. 2013 Faculty can accept 150 students.

** Faculty of Arts ** Faculty in the 2nd round of the admission procedure allows you to submit your application to the study of single-and two-field of the history, philosophy and German philology. Newly FF offers the field of archives and records management in a combined form. Faculty expects to take in this new field of 25 new students.

In round 2 also offers a continuing master's degree, which opens a new field of study German philology in the Czech-German intercultural context. This is a full-time study for bachelor's degree courses German philology. Deadline for applications to the 2nd round: 19. 8. 2013.

** Faculty ** The Faculty offers a wide range of scientific disciplines – prospective students can choose from the fields of biology, geography, mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, respectively. technical education, both in single-subject studies and dvouoborových combinations.

Science offers studies in Ústí nad Labem, but also at the remote site in Litvinov, where it is possible to study Toxicology and analysis of pollutants and specialization in Information Systems, both fields are in full-time study. The deadline for applications is again 19. 8. 2013. In the 2nd round of Science assumes acceptance of 150 students.

Within the first year of university this year, receives about 5,000 students. The greatest interest is traditionally the Faculty of Education, where so far reported 3,000 applicants.

All information about the second round of the admission procedure for the faculty (terms, a list of such courses, the number of received, admission requirements etc.) will be available at the study site at the appropriate faculty.

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