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Operation of the first university nursery school in the county begins September 2! Added:8.9. 2013
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Operation of the first university nursery school in the county begins September 2!

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On Monday, September 2, 2013 will open the first gate university nursery school in the Moravian-Silesian region, which has its headquarters on the campus of VSB – Technical University of Ostrava. At exactly 9.00 will be inaugurated device that is unique within the college.

More than 50 children, students and university employees will attend one of the most beautiful and safest nurseries, which was the only university kindergarten in the Czech Republic from the outset designed and built just for kids.

  • „I am glad that our university expands its services. Our students and staff can place their children in nursery school and university in peace then to study, work or research,“ * says Rector of VSB-TUO Ivo Vondrák.

The decision on the establishment of private kindergartens has taken leadership of the university two years ago, and was inspired by similar facilities at other universities in the country, especially at the Czech Technical University in Prague, where the kindergarten staff and students has been functioning successfully for five years

Operation kindergarten in the next school year managed to finance the subsidies under the EU Operational Programme Human Resources and Employment, so parents will be in the first year, only cover meals.

Opening hours kindergarten is tailored to the specific needs of a college, for example to the children pick up later than usual in other nurseries. The University offers kindergarten through close collaboration with top English nursery and primary school Monty School extra English lessons for children from 2 years old and very intense pre-school education for children in kindergarten last year. Of course there is also a wide selection of afternoon activities for all children and the opportunity to use a large garden with plenty of different game elements and tempting corners.

The director of the school is Mgr. Vlasta Tobolíková with rich experience in the management of the school facility, which was due for registration in the register of nursery schools, the Ministry of Education, which is a new kindergarten became part of the official Czech educational system. More on

Any queries Mgr. Adam Turner, tel .: 733 627 898

  • Mgr. Tanya Kantorková

Manager of External Relations Phone: 597 323 700 e.mail: *

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