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Mendel University in Brno is preparing a vigorous Researchers Night Added:11.9. 2013
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Mendel University in Brno is preparing a vigorous Researchers Night

Press news

Researchers' Night, one of the largest pan-European projects approaching science and scientific issues to the general public, will take place on 27th September from 18.00 to 24.00 hours. The event will involve a number of leading organizations – universities, research institutes, research institutes and observatories.

One of the partners and organizers of the event's Mendel University in Brno (Mendel), which for those interested in science prepared a rich program, including a night tour of the Botanical Gardens on campus in Cerna Pole.

** Names habitats MENDELU: ** (All activities take place on campus in Brno – Cerna Pole, entrance from the street Farming)

  • What hiding plants
  • Energy hidden in chemistry
  • Energy in the garden
  • Robotics
  • Virtual Reality
  • Network laboratory
  • The energy of the body (either healthy and fit)
  • Wheels in the service of farmers
  • Know your senses
  • Radioactivity and energy
  • Scroll soil
  • Energy from herbs and plants
  • Botanical Garden and Arboretum
  • „Researchers' Night is an annual meeting of the public with science and scientists, popular educational program on hundreds of sites across the European Union shows a particularly fascinating world of science and engineering phenomena“ *, explains Hana Královcová, Project Manager Science Center Techmania. Now Techmania in 2013 by the National Coordinator Researchers' Night for the Czech Republic. This year's motto is: „Energy for knowledge.“

At all locations in one evening a popular form of presenting science and especially its bearers – scientists, inventors, engineers and science communicators.

Admission to all events is free in all locations.

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