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The Faculty of Science is taught "CSI Miami" Added:7.10. 2013
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The Faculty of Science is taught "CSI Miami"

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Popular American crime series in CSI: Miami and CSI: NY as would be worth novelty of his students offered Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Palacky University. Under the leadership of the department and police specialists because listeners master's degree penetrate into the secrets of forensic analysis, which helps for example to demonstrate the crime and the general public knows it just a „kriminálek“.

Department within the European project as a teaching tool Modular response of the education system to the needs of the practice offered students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge in areas such as food analysis, pharmaceutical analysis, environmental analysis or in clinical laboratories. Not the most visited module is precisely forensic analysis.

  • „Students will gain a comprehensive picture of the problems of complex forensic analysis, which is almost always much more complex than the series on television shows. Nevertheless this preparation will allow them to better adapt to the specific conditions in laboratories that perform expertise for the Police of the Czech Republic,“ * said Jan Peter from the Department of Analytical Chemistry.

The issue of forensic analysis, the Department also addressed in his scientific career. Scientific topics affecting, for example, the development of methods for the analysis of new synthetic drugs, the search for new non-destructive method for authentication images, or analysis of drugs on the banknotes.

  • „Students have lectures and practical training in fields such as forensic and clinical toxicology, forensic or forensic analytical chemistry,“ said Petr *.

Forensic analysis is used in practice to obtain evidence of a violation of law, internal rules or directives, proving the identity of persons, the authenticity of the documents, data or information. It is one of the ways to deal with security incidents, and any subsequent recovery of damages. Forensic analysis is used in a wide range of disciplines, from criminology to internal investigations into incidents within the organization. Each of them has its own forensic investigation methods.

  • Report prepared by Martina Šaradínová, Communications Department UP *

*** More information: ***

  • Doc. Dr.. Jan Petr, Ph.D.

Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty UP e-mail: tel .: 585 634 416 *

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