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What promise party in the elections to the students? Added:17.10. 2013
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What promise party in the elections to the students?

Wondering how the upcoming elections affect your student life? Recently, much discussion of tuition and fees at universities or on the form of state graduation. See what plans they have different political parties.

Who planned university tuition

One of the major themes of the previous government was the introduction of tuition fees at public universities. Plans then Minister Dobeš triggered a massive backlash. The highlight of the protests became so. A week of unrest, which took to the streets, thousands of students across the country. With public opposition faded political will to push through tuition or enrollment fee at least. Reflected the resistance of the academic community in the current political programs?

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Civic Democratic Party changed course. He wants more than tuition concentrate on revising existing charges. According to the plans ODS should pay more undergraduates who study beyond the proper time. Although TOP 09 slightly rearranged their program, fees still supports. Financial participation by students but by the parties should be the responsibility of the universities. For the introduction of tuition fees would love to have voted followers Party of Free Citizens.

Among the most vocal opponents include the Social Democrats and Communists. Tuition in any case does not want to impose both political movement YES, KDU-CSL, Greens or the Pirates. A similar attitude of SPOZ, which also proposes a system of penalty charges for few successful students including retesting, year, or extending the period of study.

What will the state graduation

Somewhat party political interest is the state graduation. Altogether, all parties agree that the current system is not perfect and need to raise the prestige of the trials of adolescence. However, concrete plans in your program revealed few. TOP 09 wants to redesign a high school diploma. Promoting electronic school-leaving examinations in three subjects. The Green Party advocates state graduation in a form that would be accepted by universities.

State graduation refuse Singles who argue that this project promotes mediocrity and burdening the state budget unreasonable costs.

What path will lead to better employability of graduates

Find a job right after school for a number of graduates is a problem. On the labor offices accumulate army of unemployed young people. How is this a problem they want politicians to deal with? The Christian Democrats and Social Democrats sees a chance to use the program in the European Union, from which he drew money. KDU-CSL would finance used to support the holiday experience, while the Social Democrats by a trained graduates and 25 years who do not find work four months, offering job training, apprenticeship or internship. YES movement plans to solve the problem by introducing tax relief (reduction of insurance contributions) for employers who provide work graduates. Farthest goes Communists, who plans enactment of law for a first job for graduates.

A different approach chosen by the TOP 09 party problem lies in poor school choice. The truth is that students are not attracted apprenticeships, resulting in a shortage of skilled technical craftsmen. Finance from EU programs party would apply to the development of vocational education.

Things === === political programs

  • TOP 09 would like to implement long-term stays high school students at a foreign school. Allow it would be European funds. The goal is at least one-third of students going.
  • The motto of sport to health governing political movement YES. He plans to promote physical education and a healthy lifestyle, especially at lower levels of schooling.
  • Unmarried propose to abolish the 9th grade of elementary school, which is supposed to bring savings to the state budget. The last year of primary school, in the opinion of Free unnecessarily extends the total time spent in elementary education and is not needed for studying in high school.
  • Pirate Party advocates that schools used preferably free technology. These are, for example, computer programs that students can freely copied and is home to use and customize, or Wikipedia. Free should be a textbook, so that students could copy them into computers and eReaders.
  • The change would hold up his hand for the reintroduction of compulsory preventive dental examinations of children at school.


Author: Hruška, Jan

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