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Tests on the horizon? Start preparing in time - perhaps to rate Added:29.10. 2013
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Tests on the horizon? Start preparing in time - perhaps to rate

If you feel that in testing on high, there is still plenty of time, do not be fooled – it runs like water. Now the prospect of several months in testing often leads to the fact that candidates then solves the same preparation at the last minute. There is a certain discipline of learning but you can force necessary preparatory course.

When you say a preparatory course for the entrance exams, not always it is a „universal“ training that you can prepare for exams or studying the field at any school you choose. On the contrary – the growing number of types (TSP, NSZ, testing the upcoming school itself) is also growing diversity of supply.

How to choose?

Indeed, the „specialization“ course is an advantage and disadvantage at the same time. Before you write to it, you should already have an idea not only of what field you choose, but also as a school. While many faculties „Charles University in Prague“: http: //­soke-skoly/univerzita-karlova-v-praze/, „Technical University of Liberec“: http: // / high-school / Technical-University-of-Liberec /, „University of Pardubice“: http: //­soke-skoly/univerzita-pardubice/, but also many other contents of entrance exams are developed by individual faculties themselves on „Masaryk University in Brno“: http: //­soke-skoly/masarykova-univerzita/ at most faculties held uniform tests examining the preparedness of applicants to study at this university. At some schools, in turn, pays successfully pass exams OSP and not to be stressed at the entrance exams. Also on successful mastery of just this type of test already some courses focus.

== Where to Look

If you already know how to faculty or right field you want to report, it pays to examine directly the school site. Exam preparation courses on their own land organizes a number of them. A diverse range of courses from different disciplines but you can also find on the pages of many educational agencies. These courses sometimes include preparation for all possible tests simultaneously, regardless of the particular faculty, which is particularly beneficial for undecided candidates. But even those decided by the expanding field of choice and opportunity to report to other schools. And it is also not bad. Other forms of preparation undoubtedly include the so-called. Zero year or, conversely, individual preparation using a form of e-learning (ie course held via Internet). Another form of preparation is then also post-secondary foreign language study related to preparations for specific university programs. But can be used purely as a website individual schools, because many of them offer sample tests or tests from previous years. They can be downloaded free of charge.

== When to report

At the preparatory course at the high today will be reported almost anytime. Year-long preparatory courses, although usually begin in October, but many are only one semester, so they can begin until January or later. However, it is obvious that the closer the entrance exams, the less time to prepare, and thus decreasing the number of courses on offer and their hourly range. Courses held „last minute“ I usually focus on the most or the most essential content of the tests. Although, as mentioned, most courses starting in October, it is possible to do some reporting retrospectively, with adequate prices for deduction already made hours.

Preparing for hundreds, but also for thousands

Prices for the different types of training courses are in the order of thousands and are dependent on the length, sometimes the focus – the one year will cost about 5–8 thousand. These courses are generally held on the weekend about twice a month. They are less intense, or even several days, and then come out as such even several hundreds. In contrast, the zero year of language learning (post-secondary) climbs up to the amount of around twenty thousand crowns.

What is it good

Who feels well prepared for exams, whether through their own will and effort, and thanks to the school they are currently studying, then it's safe to say that he had no prep course a necessity. No one also can not guarantee that sebekvalitnějšího completion of the preparatory course is a guarantee of acceptance. But what is undeniable advantage of these courses is to prepare its graduates on the actual course of tests – those in it will learn proper distribution of time and mastering methods of solving tests. Are almost commonplace model tests or rehearsal for the oral interview. Furthermore, the candidates through these courses can advance familiar with the university environment and all that accompanies university studies.

== How to choose

Although it is said that the best preparation is to choose the school to which you want to report, or offer commercial courses is inferior. The most ideal option selection are authentic testimonials from graduates of the preparatory course. The fundamental argument is, of course, but it is what the tests will consist of – a school which type of test used. However, if you have not yet decided on which school to study your dream lists, the report, it is preferable to take one of comprehensive courses that under its program the students preparing for all types of tests. Preparatory courses offered, for example Agency „“: http: // or „AZ Smart“: http: // vs. Among other parameters by which you should choose, the track team of lecturers (ideal if courses are given by representatives of universities who are content and process of admission to the proceedings), but certainly inquire about the number of listeners in the course, supplementary materials ( including whether they are already included in the price), facilities, etc. Also, if you feel a weakness in some parts of the examinations, most institutions now offer even a partial courses (eg. mathematics, social sciences, etc.), so you can not only save money but also time.

  • All applicants for study at university, whether through previous preparatory course, or without it, the whole team wishes VysokýchŠ luck. *

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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