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Unique offer three network academies in PEF MENDELU Added:31.10. 2013
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Unique offer three network academies in PEF MENDELU

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Faculty of Business and Economics, Mendel University in Brno (PEF MENDELU) opened its students the opportunity to take new courses that are part of the network academies. The existing Cisco Networking Academy courses, which students can attend university in its sixth year, opened the Institute of Informatics PEF MENDELU two new tutorials: Juniper Networks Academic Alliance and MikroTik Academy.

Networking Academy are part of their own training programs leading manufacturers of network technologies. Emphasis is placed on the ability to solve practical problems in the field of design, implementation and management of communications infrastructure. Upon successful completion, the student has not only knowledge and practical skills, but is fully prepared to pass a certification exam, based on which gets called. Industrial certification that manufacturer. Unlike regular tests at the university are in the certification test students meet high demands. Their composition is in the field of the same, if not greater weight than a college degree. A potential employer can be sure that the student is able to given problems to solve in practice. By combining studies at the faculty and degree of network Academies of Science increases the value of their graduates in the labor market.

Prestige networking academies explains Martin Pokorny, lecturer of the Department of Informatics PEF MENDELU: „Further study simultaneously the three grid Academy is not at universities in the Czech Republic is far from common, and so students get the opportunity to become familiar with a wide range of different technology platforms.“

„Faculty of Informatics offers its students not only all three levels of higher education, but also the opportunity to acquire practical skills, so always support similar projects,“ added Dean of Faculty prof. Ing. John Stávková, PhD. Fair value of the certificate below summarizes the practical example: "The student started the Faculty John Doe with a business card and can study end as Ing. Jan Novak, Ph.D., R & S CCNA, JNCIA-Junos, MTCN certified. The labor market has over its competitors big advantage right after graduation. For the position of network engineer certification is in most cases a necessity and the rest of the menu advantage. " Networking Academy are considered part of teaching, students are therefore MENDELU free.


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