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Andrew Kania: The year I got 6 million crowns Added:10.12. 2013
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Andrew Kania: The year I got 6 million crowns

At seventeen he went to study in the United States. He himself had arranged a scholarship to a private high school. Their experiences after returning capitalized and plunged into the business. In just a year his agency got a scholarship for six million crowns.

First experience with scholarships you got when you were seventeen went to the United States. It was difficult to get finance for your studies?

Assuming that your financial options are as they were mine, so get full scholarships extremely difficult and highly unlikely. As a student who wanted to travel to high school in the USA, I had two options. Either call one of the Czech agencies that arrange annual exchanges on the public schools and prepare a few hundred thousand. The second possibility was that I somehow got a scholarship. They are, however, at public schools do not. For us there was no one who could tell me advice about getting scholarships to private schools. With his innate stubbornness, I successfully resisted the negativity around, family, friends. I found on the Internet hundreds of private secondary school, I wrote my CV and I very politely to them in the e-mail stated that I was able to pay the ticket, not the tuition, which at these schools usually around the amount of $ 40,000 or more. It was a great test of my character and self-discipline, because I was exposed to a huge amount of negative reactions. I gave up and tried it on. Finally lucky.

You've got a full scholarship?

I got six scholarships, but none were full. At least I had to pay about $ 4,000, which someone may seem like a relatively ridiculous amount. However, for me it was the amount that I absolutely could not afford.

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But it turned out well, right?

It was an interesting journey. For most ridiculous moment of the story, I feel that I was the last day of school in Brno checked out, because I had already promised a full scholarship at one school. I came for a certificate, signed off from school and classmates went to the bar and we celebrated both certificate and my impending departure. I remember it exactly. I came in the evening, opened the e-mail. There was a message that I'm sorry, but never in a two hundred year history of the school, no one gave a full scholarship. They decided they do not want to break the tradition of the time for me incomprehensible reasons. Finally, I had to pay $ 4,000 in tuition fees and the rest, another $ 40,000 would be a scholarship. Unfortunately, it was unacceptable for me, I was desperate, I know that I cried for a few hours and I did not know what I'll do. For months I told them that I'm going to America, I checked out of school and now it all fell.

I remembered one small school in the State of New York, which appeared to be helpful, but a long time I contacted them. Eventually everything resolved during July, they were absolutely amazing and I got a full scholarship. So everything turned out well, but the whole thing took about seven months. It was really crazy hectic, emotionally challenging. Really just focused and stubborn man is able to endure something like that.

How have you tried to sell?

Thanks to our outdated education system and educational processes are outdated Czech students usually very well prepared theoretically, but absolutely no ability to sell yourself, your knowledge and your talent. I will not say specifically what information about myself schools revealed, because it was very personal, but in general I can say that it is important to highlight your skills, accomplishments, activities, hobbies. In short, complexly submit information about yourself that are attractive to the school. Of course it needs to be able to sell you information so that you have a school excited to have the feeling that someone like this on campus want. This most students can not handle, not because of any innate modesty, but because of mala do not have anything like that, did not need to never sell or speak publicly.

How does the application at an American high school?

It depends from school to school. All schools have in common is that they require from a student essay, recommendations from teachers, medical report and application in terms of information about themselves on the family and, of course, notarized translation certificate. Prestigious academic schools require TOEFL or SSAT / SAT, art schools require video, for example, if you play the piano, and several songs from different genres, recommendations from teachers and demonstrated for example in winning some competitions. For sports schools need thorough video documentation.

You can compare the difference in education in our country and in the United States?

I would like to stress that I experienced studying at a state secondary school. I'll talk about the system of private secondary schools, of which the vast majority of graduates leaving after graduating from high quality and prestigious universities. Students have the opportunity to choose from a very wide portfolio of subjects. Of course, we can say that a priori student chooses the simplest. The argument against this assertion is that American students are taught from childhood to independence and accountability to each other, so you are able to choose not the object, which is the lightest, but the object that can help them most in their future direction.

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Teachers in private schools are very well paid and classes are small. For example, the ratio for the academically best schools is 1 teacher to 12 students per class. For these reasons, teachers devote to each student individually and are able to recognize already from the beginning, that has a problem with substance. In the Czech teacher goes strictly according to the prescribed scenarios, tells you just what you need after school and you simply will not have time.

In our system is based on memorizing the text, which is the cardinal nonsense. In socialism, it could work, but today when you information rather annoying and if you want to see something so you can find it within 2 seconds via Google, this is a naive, archaic and totally unproductive approach. I am convinced that more must emphasize, first, that the student actually studied in high school subjects, from which obtains information that he will throw his life, but also must place emphasis on the development of independence, competence argument simply develop human character rather than let the students memorize a page of text, which, after reading forget.

You easily get used to the American school system?

To me the American system extremely fit. We wrote a lot of essays and talked about current topics. I loved economics and American history. Often we had to school lectures to local businessmen and several times we were on different excursions in interesting companies. We tried to make up our own business, we would make up how to propagate it. For me it was a wonderful change from memorizing the text from the Czech Republic.

Have not you thought about continuing studies at university?

I was accepted to the University, where I received the thanks of basketball athletic scholarship, however, the financial situation of the family would not let me continue studying, so I decided to go back to the Czech and establish an agency that will specialize in private schools in the USA. I must say that I never wanted to do business, but over the last half year at a school in New York, I read about seven times the autobiography of Steve Jobs, who has about seven hundred pages, and it inspired me immensely.

What were the beginnings of your business?

It was interesting. I asked my friend to make me hastily and free web. He was very ugly. I wrote the first on various forums dealing with studying and living abroad. On Tuesday afternoon rode web and Wednesday morning I called a lady from Prague to read information about my work and wants to ensure her daughter studying at a private high school in the USA. My mom lent me the money for the bus to Prague and I was the first client. Currently we have 10 students in the states.

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I'm really happy that I can in good conscience say that what makes my agency and the services we provide, nobody else in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic does not. For those ten students got together we scholarships for six million crowns, which I think is absolutely outstanding result. For next year we expect a minimum of 20 students and we are promised scholarships worth some 11 million crowns.

He works mainly mediation scholarships for high school students, as it looks a tender for a private high school.

First, than with our students begin work on admission to secondary schools and requires them thoroughly completed questionnaire on the basis of which the students into the program chosen. Based on this questionnaire, create a profile and presents representatives of schools. If my student agreed, as it is in most cases I correct estimate, so we start with the documents that I have already described in the previous question. Given that we have a contractual relationship with the majority of schools in the portfolio, so somehow I myself determine which student is suitable and which are not. Schools of us have tremendous confidence in those schools that have experience with our students, we recommend other schools to tell them about the quality of our students. I have already several directors of these schools brought on a visit to Prague, where they met with students and it was always fantastic.

Do you have experience with college students?

We college students only if they are in something really special. For example, for the next school year we arrange study at universities for students who want to air, for example, university, or at a prestigious film school. These students have really excellent results not only in school but in his young age and in those areas. We also have athletes, we help get a sports scholarship. From the professional point of view I can say that we want to develop this area, because what I see great potential. I am convinced that the more students go abroad and especially in America and Britain, the better off this country will live because of the experience, education and related moral values ​​are the basic prerequisite for a well functioning society.

Author: Hruška, Jan

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