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In honor of the unique sports and scientific equipment, metal Governor flips and MEP put on his running shoes Added:20.12. 2013
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In honor of the unique sports and scientific equipment, metal Governor flips and MEP put on his running shoes

Press news

MEP Jan Brezina, Olomouc Region Governor George Rozbořil, Mayor of Olomouc Martin Novotný, Miroslav Mašláň UP Rector and Dean of the Faculty of Physical Culture Zbynek Svozil cheers in a series of clips Neředín Campus project.

Five new promotional spots is a „sport back“ future scientist area, which will connect excellent research with industry. In addition to modern laboratories grow large sports hall, athletics track and swimming pool. Building for 160 million will be completed in 2015. While faculty management is the final form of both centers, a series of new videos already promotes campus Neředín on the Internet. Filmmaker Luke Masner captured the personalities of the Olomouc Region in unusual situations.

  • "Of course I was worried about whether to take on our game and are willing to make of himself and his position kidding. As a result, but responded spontaneously and at the right moment resigned from the role of a serious representative of the institution, which was a good thing. Nejkošatější the videos with the Governor of the Olomouc Region Jiri Rozbořil and MEP Jan Brezina, "* said the shooting Masner.

Video clips can be seen on the YouTube channel, University Web FTK: „http://www.y­­lackyUniversi­ty“:…kyUniversity


** Spain ** inspires Currently completing a new project documentation centers, which will link research movement and lifestyle of a person with practical life. Faculty representatives therefore went early December 2013 to Spain, where he visited the partner sports faculty of the University of Granada and the top sports center Centro de Alto Rendimiento Sierra Nevada. * „In Granada, we met with prof. Raúl Arellano. At the University there and in the Sierra Nevada proposed recording system for testing pools. He explained the basic principles of this technique and agreed to cooperate in the design of our pool,“ * said the city manager Balu David Másilko .

Inspirational was also a visit government center of professional sport. * "It is a huge complex of sports facilities and laboratories built before the Olympics in Barcelona, ​​within which it is possible to go through all sorts of tests, even for doping. With the basic package athlete can enjoy all sports rehabilitation and basic operations, plus you can then pay extra for expert analysis "* described Másilko.

If we succeed in similar conditions for training and testing as well as build in Neředín, it could be the same Olomouc center for Central Europe. * "Baloo will focus more commercial. We want to be partners for companies looking for inspiration for new products and services related to healthy lifestyles and physical activity. In addition to the athletes and the general population we want to focus on specific target groups, such as eg. Mothers on maternity vacation or seniors, "* said the manager of the planned center.

** Tender in January 2014 ** In January 2014, a tender for the contractor application center ball. It encompasses the testing hall and a water tank, study and prototype workshop in which blends research with practice. Its construction should come to 160 million, 120 million won University of the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation. New building application center will be connected with the building of the Center kinanthropological research, which in 2016 is undergoing reconstruction for 125 million crowns.

  • Report prepared Višňa Martin and Lenka Skácelíková, Department of Communication UP *

*** More information: ***

  • Mgr. David Másilko, Ph.D.

Faculty of Physical Culture, UP, BAL e-mail: tel .: +420 606 778 010 *

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