Open Days at MENDELU Added:5.1. 2014
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Open Days at MENDELU

Prospective students on „Mendel University in Brno“: http: //­soke-skoly/mendelova-univerzita-v-brne/ (Mendel) have these days with the possibility for this school personally go and meet not only with its environment and interior, but also with teachers, students, and of course, especially with everything that is associated with the study. This includes information on admission procedures, forms, catering and accommodation, opportunities to study or internship abroad or student activities and sporting opportunities.

The open days at MENDELU are advised to use even though the latest ** deadline for submitting applications is ** in this school compared to most other extended up to ** ** second half of March, on „Faculty of Regional Development and International studií“:…nich-studii/#/q/ ** even up to April 25, 2014 **. Open days, however, most faculties MENDELU held primarily ** ** In January, exceptionally even then in February ** **.

Dates open days at different faculties are as follows:

  • „Faculty of Agronomy“: http: //­soke-skoly/mendelova-univerzita-v-brne/agronomicka-fakulta/#/q/: ** 3rd, 17th and 31 January 2014 always from 10:00. **
  • „Faculty of Regional Development and International studií“:…nich-studii/#/q/: ** 10th and 24 January and 14 February 2014 Always from 13:00. **
  • „Forestry and Wood Technology fakulta“:…ska-fakulta/#/q/: ** January 31, 2014 from 10:00. **
  • „Faculty of Horticulture“: http: //­soke-skoly/mendelova-univerzita-v-brne/zahradnicka-fakulta/#/q/: ** 15th January and February 5, 2014 ** (area in the refrigerator)
  • „Business and Economics fakulta“:…cka-fakulta/#/q/: ** 10th and 24 January and 7 February 2014 Always from 13:00. **
  • „The Institute of Lifelong vzdělávání“:…-vzdelavani/#/q/: ** January 6 and February 4, 2014 **

More information about the course of the open days as well as on the admission procedure and other areas of study can be found on the „this page“: http: //www.mendelu­.cz/cz/prijima­ci_rizeni.

Source: „“: http: //www.mendelu­.cz/cz/prijima­ci_rizeni Source photo:

Author: Černá, Lucie

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