What will be the graduation? Try a sample assignment Added:14.1. 2014
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What will be the graduation? Try a sample assignment

Do you want to try what you can expect at the graduation exam? Experts CERMAT prepared sample problems and tasks for all subjects, which graduates can choose the common parts of the exam. These files will be on site gradually replacing older illustration assignment.

Entering from previous years graduation exam, as well as the older illustrative tests will be available on the website „www.novamatu­rita.cz“: http: //www.novamatu­rita.cz before the end of January. Then, replace the announced sample problems and also „live“ tests from the last graduation cycle. It should be borne in mind that old illustration tests are not an accurate reflection of the school-leaving exams, entering the structure and the type of tasks may vary.

"Files of sample tasks and entries are subject coordinator CERMAT updated regularly. The general public will continue to be available on the last two sets of tests, assignments and keys right solution as they will be administered in schools as part of the spring and autumn terms of testing, "said Director George CERMAT Zíka.

File sample tasks and enter, visit the „new school website“: http: //www.novamatu­rita.cz/soubor-vzorovych-uloh-a-zadani-1404036703.html.

Source: www.novamaturita.cz

Photo Source: www.novamaturita.cz

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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