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Five faculties Palacky University graduates welcome to the Open Day Added:16.1. 2014
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Five faculties Palacky University graduates welcome to the Open Day

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Open Day at five faculties Olomouc University offers prospective students meeting packed with information on Friday, January 17, 2014 9 to 14 hours Cyril and Methodius, philosophical, pedagogical and the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Physical Culture.

Applications for study adopts Palacky University until 28 February 2014. More information about the courses of study to find candidates

  • "Open Days Palacky University in Olomouc is a traditional activity intended for those who want to learn more about opportunities to study at the University of Olomouc. Take the opportunity to visit the site of their future studies with their own eyes and find out first-hand information. Palacky University at Open Day is always a long time preparing and trying to provide visitors with complete information services, "said a spokesman UP * Radek Palaščák.

Each of the five faculties preparing informative blocks, where representatives of management faculties provide information about the study conditions, electronic application and admission procedure. Faculties will also be available promotional and informational materials.

Accompanying program prepared and Science. Applicants will offer guided tours of specialized laboratories and geological collections and examples of attempts. Students will become familiar with the creation of maps and unique installations for monitoring eye movement when working with your computer. Look at the behavior of magnetic nanoparticles in external magnetic field or a robot constructed within the thesis. Faculty of Physical Education allows students to play boccia – Paralympic sport for wheelchair users or analyze load legs while walking. Interested participants can enjoy samples pedometers, evaluation visually response capabilities and performance of the new device, which is used to measure the spatio-temporal gait parameters or jumps. Visitors will learn about the portal RADOSTZPOHYBU.CZ and INDARES.COM. Lecture blocks of the study will be FTK interpreted into sign language. The teaching faculty, those interested will be able to test assumptions mock test study.

** ** CMTF Assistant to the study department will provide information on fields and admission requirements. Representatives of the Department of Christian education present study Social Pedagogy. Representatives of the Department of Christian Social Work will provide information on study programs Charitable and social work and international social and humanitarian work, taught in collaboration with CARITAS – Voss Olomouc, and related fields of study, charity and social work, and international humanitarian and social work.

** ** FF Information blocks in the auditorium of FF UP with representatives of management faculty will be held at 10:00 and 11:30. Details of the study programs, the content of individual fields of study, admission requirements, preparatory courses, consultations of graduates into practice. Will be submitted to the relevant sectoral departments. Assistant to the study department will provide information on study programs and administration of the admission procedure.

** ** PdF Candidates will get detailed information on programs, admission requirements, preparatory courses and practical application in the main building Education. The display will include a briefing of courses and students PdF video spot. Officer of the study department for information regarding the administration offered fields and admission procedure, there will be information and promotional materials.

** Science ** Management of the Faculty shall important information at 9 and 11 am. The individual fields will inform representatives of relevant departments. The building will be open 9 to 14, visitors will be available cafe, pizzeria and an observation deck. Prospective students will receive a publication of courses and conditions for the admission procedure. For more information about the accompanying program for prospective students is published on…renych-dveri.

** ** FZV Faculty in this term does not hold an open day and still have prospective students the opportunity to visit the study department, where they will be informed about the study programs and admission procedure.

** ** FTK Blocks of information on studying at FTK attended by senior faculty will be held at 9 and 11 am. Presentation will offer degree courses and information about entrance exams, aptitude tests, subjects, courses, licenses, study abroad, preparatory courses for entrance exams, coaching studies, educational, professional and psychological counseling in the field of sports and healthy lifestyle. Everything will be translated into sign language. Will also open a library. Can study the new figures master study program management Coaching and Sport (combined study). More information on…ement-sportu.

  • A report prepared by Lenka Skácelíková, Communications Department UP *

*** More information: ***

  • Mgr. Radek Palaščák

Spokesperson UP E-mail: Tel .: 585 631 020 *

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