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Tips pleasant places for learning in Prague Added:4.2. 2014
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Tips pleasant places for learning in Prague

Silence. Their attention distracted only the rustle of paper when turning pages, the occasional creak of the chair and in the winter months occasional cough. Someone library environment is stressful, different suits. Where do you like to learn?

  • „When the weather is nice and likes to learn even on the balcony, so I was not sorry that come on summer sun,“ * says architecture student Paul (23). Despite her sunny January but in winter examination period no other option than to study to find some other shelter. * „I prefer to learn at home. I've got the greatest comfort, nothing bother me, I can have your own rhythm and nobody minds that I'll need feet on the table,“ * says.

Comfort and absolute tranquility is one of the main reasons why many students choose to study at home. It has also many disadvantages, because some during examination periods and so. Holy Week, looking for places that will allow them to prepare the most effective.

** The library mainly for textbooks and motivation **

  • „I like going to the library. Sure, I can lie down on the couch, but it is actually an advantage, right?“ * Laughs Peter (21), student „of the Czech Technical University“: http: // uk / high-school / Czech-tall-apprentice-technical-in-prague /, which is preparing for the exams in the „National Technical Library“: http: //www.techlib­.cz/cs/ in Dejvice. As the largest libraries plus Peter sees a huge amount of learning materials. * "I have at hand actually any scripts that I remember. In addition, there is a good connection to the Internet. But most of all – the presence and efforts of other students motivates me to do, I myself properly taught. At home, I spent a lot of time with useless activities "* says Peter. His name as one of the main reasons why students nowadays goes to the library at all – motivation. Monitoring shows or simply browsing Facebook in the library just so someone does not allow.

Prague has a wealth of libraries – of the entire branch network „City Libraries“: http: //­takty/pobocky/, despite the already mentioned National Technical Library (with its night study), down to about the most famous – „National Library“: http: // (Clementinium). Now it are the experiences from the beginning of our article. Absolute silence and concentration.

  • „Yes, it is true that in Klementinum that I'll always possible. But I have always been very overwhelming when I go there. It bothers me mainly that with him into the study can not take even a drink, all the books I own listing on leaf and whenever I want to go to the cafeteria to be, I have to pack up all things with him, "* lists cons of the National Library student“ University of Economics in Prague „: http: //­soke-skoly/vysoka-skola -Economic-in-prague / Christina (25). On her attitude does not change anything or the fact that almost all of my bachelor thesis written just in Klementinum, as he later admitted. * "It bothers me mainly that learning can not take something to eat,“ * says.

** Socket, internet and coffee **

It is the replenishment of energy, what brings other students in Prague tearooms and cafes. And not only in the literary, educational subtext in the title. Literary cafes can be found in the streets of Prague „Chainsaw“: http: //www.knihytyn­­va.html, „Týnská“: http: //www.knihytyn­­.html, „Salmovská“: http: / / or „Karlovo náměstí“: http: //www.naklada­­varna/, not all is always guaranteed peace. That you will not find in a chain of cafes „Mama Coffee“: http: //www.mamacof­, and yet here you can often come across students who bent over a textbook or a cup of coffee invents conclusion to just topped seminárce.

Such as political science student Vanda (23). * „I like going to places with wi-fi. To his studio needs is especially the Internet, almost all materials are available either online or share with classmates. That is not in the cafe just peace not really bother me, I used to teach at listening to music, so I need to study really just a laptop and headphones, "* says Vanda. When selecting a suitable environment for learning and looks really only three things – internet access available, accessible socket and an operator it every five minutes "bother“ asking if you can not be anything else.

These capital requirements in addition to the aforementioned literary cafes meets the need to „Good tobacconist“: http: //www.dobratra­, „Café in Seventh Heaven“: http: //­ce/1105/ „The Mill Cafe“: http: //­ce/260122/, „Good tea room“: http: //­jovna/index.php? toc = && gal = 1vaclavak or „Angel Tea House“: http: //www.andelska­

Of course we must not forget the very study of individual universities in Prague. An interesting and at the same time quiet place to study is „student club K4 Charles University“: http: // in Celetná street.

If your computer just do not need to study or work desk, still offers the opportunity to study in the parks. But there is a risk of distraction – even when reading sebenapínavějších script can easily happen that the surrounding runners or dog person you will be more interesting than the substance itself. But if you are accustomed to fresh air, then recommend to park on Petrin, Parukářka or Jewish furnace. A good place to study is the Kampa park or a small park on Žofín island. Quiet corners then surely you will find both the summer and in Stromovka.

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