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Begins a new term of three deans and rector CUA Added:4.2. 2014
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Begins a new term of three deans and rector CUA

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On 1 February began his second term as rector CUA prof. Ing. Jiří package, PhD. In his speech before the Assembly election academia CUA stressed that the role of the Rector understood as a service to the academic community on a shared journey of fulfilling the vision of the Czech Agricultural University in Prague.

This vision is to be an internationally recognized research university consistently developing high quality and relevant learning, connected with the research-oriented, focused on various target groups of the population and flexibly reflect the needs of society.

In this context it should be noted that the CUA in 2013 succeeded the Czech 100 best in the respective category and also recently won the prestigious ECTS Label, which received only a dozen Czech universities.

At the same time the beginning of February undertake their role and the three deans of university graduates.

Academic Senate Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources CUA into your head again chose prof. Ing. Paul Tlustoš, PhD., Who was in the competition Czech Top 100 announced Gentleman PRO 2013 founding Dean of the Faculty of CUA stressed its importance not only in the traditional and progressive areas: * „This latter is one of the great themes of the European program Horizon 2020 First of all it will be a research on what all can plants and living organisms in general form, under what conditions and how we are able to obtain these substances. Whether example, we are able to produce new bio-based pescticides, nutritional additives … Keep in mind that for all education and research must be seen with respect to living organisms, students must prepare graduates for specific fields. “*

Dean of the Faculty of Economics CUA was elected. Martin Pelikan, Ph.D. * „First of all, I feel a huge responsibility and a new role treated with the utmost humility,“ * said in connection with his election. * „I believe that in this role redeem something from what I have been professionally focused, therefore the system engineering and project management.“ *

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering CUA, the third of the trio founding faculties, elected Faculty Academic Senate and the next period prof. Ing. Vladimir Jurca, PhD. As its stated goals to maintain the level of publishing activities of Science in comparison with the last several years has increased, and start working on the fundamental changes in curricula and teaching approaches master's degree. It also underlined the importance of a friendly, collegial atmosphere and creative faculty.

** Prof. Ing. Jiří package CSc. ** (* 1953) is the rector of the CUA since 2010. Prior to his election to this position, he served as Vice-Chancellor. He graduated from the Faculty of Agronomy, former University of Agriculture in Prague, where he started as an assistant professor and gradually reached the position of Head of the Department of agri-environmental chemistry and plant nutrition. In 2001 he was appointed professor of agricultural chemistry and plant nutrition. He is the author of more than a hundred scientific papers cited in the Web of Science, and a member of many scientific councils and professional societies. Is a researcher series of research projects, including international.

** Prof. Ing. Pavel Tlustoš, CSc. ** (* 1955), graduated from the Institute of Chemical Technology in Pardubice. After a year of gaining experience in Chiran joined the College of Agriculture, respectively. CUA, where he became a lecturer. In 1999, he qualified in 2002 and was appointed professor. Since 2000 he was dean of students and teaching activities of the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources, in 2010 he was elected dean of the faculty. He has participated in several dozen research projects as principal investigator, including many international ones. He is a member of several scientific societies.

** Ing. Martin Pelikan, Ph.D. ** (* 1973) studied computer science at the Faculty of Economics in the university where he also completed doctoral studies Ph.D. in the field of data processing and mathematical modeling in agriculture. In 2006 he became dean of students and teaching the Faculty of Economics and since 2012 head of the Department of Information Engineering also on the faculty. It focuses on systems engineering, systems analysis and modeling, decision support systems ap. He is a member of several scientific councils.

** Prof. Ing. Vladimir Jurča, CSc. ** (* 1958) studied at the Faculty of the College of Agriculture Mechanization, where he later enshrined as a research technician and lecturer. In 1998 he qualified and ten years later he was appointed professor. It focuses on the issues of quality, reliability and renewal of machinery and equipment, computer systems maintenance. He is a member of three scientific councils, member of the Presidium of the Czech Society for maintenance and others. The function of the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering held since 2010.

  • CUA is the third largest university in Prague. It combines a century of tradition with modern technologies, advanced science and research in the field of agriculture, forestry, ecology, technology and techniques, but also economics and management. Fully equipped laboratories with top facilities, including training enterprises provide excellent education opportunities for personal growth and participation in scientific projects at home and abroad. CUA provides complete university studies, summer schools, special courses, the University of the Third Age. CUA is awarded the ECTS label. *

*** Press Contact: ***

  • Mgr. Josef Beranek

Spokesperson CUA +420 774 557 699 *

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