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Chickens in private, peacock on rails Added:4.3. 2014
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Chickens in private, peacock on rails

What pet when you leave for school? Breeding of domestic animals with university life seemingly incompatible. Practical experience but shows the opposite.

Have you got a dog, cat, turtle, ferret or hamster, but you've got to college and you move. Now what the animal? Relatively classic is to let pet parents mercy and hope to take care of him, as they will be able to. Take it with you to your new home can be difficult, but it is not unrealistic. Many students also acquire while studying a variety of animals and war with them as they can, even if it meant smuggle the dog in a bag through college gatehouse. An exception are not even animals not quite usual for breeding at home …

** Two chickens on a student apartment **

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Adele student of psychology, for example, talks about how to behave Private chickens. „We are at the apartment where we lived for six. This was three months over the winter. I got it quite tiny, one-day, from a friend prankster. She lived in the kitchen in a box wrapped in a blanket and pressed on the radiator to be warm. Roommates who lived just behind the kitchen, get those three months suffered a bit, because once they went out and went to sleep, chickens launched a terrible wail. Started beeping one over the other, so some nights roommate much sleep. We named it because of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. But again, it was a little bit exotic and survivors, helped me take care of them. Sometimes we are walking her in an empty bathtub and so on. And other friends went to watch the chickens in the kitchen Brno cihláku. Finally, I drove to my grandfather. “

** Rabbit Piškot on rails **

Source: Eva Kapounová

Eva, who studied biology and protect the interests of organisms in the Czech Budejovice, recalled how Mrs. dormitory at the station launched crickets. He said it fielded week. „Then we'd better made rabbit named Piškot. Lady who cleaned the track, adored him, so we broke. Otherwise, we will not have animals there. A friend was there even a ferret, but were only allowed fish. “

** Cat as a weapon mouse **

Source: Markéta Hermannová

Source: Markéta Hermannová

„At home I have a cat, what with all the time mrouská and eats me sprouted seeds,“ says Margaret from the Faculty of Social Studies. "After I dragged it home, so we rounded up to the private mice. Problems were never home. Yesterday it with us stroked, she has a dog, so she does not mind pets in the apartment. He used to live with us cats and dogs – we have a contract that we should not have reptiles. Most popular toy cat sugar, such that what is given to coffee in cafes, long shape. Throw him a cat wins with this really nice … "Cat Scratcher supposedly fashioned homemade Margaret friend, student stavárny As window paddock serve them embedded design with a mosquito net.

** Snake Elizabeth **

Source: Nela Wurmová

Elizabeth is not just a princess from the Mill, but also Corn snake, who lives on a private student in Brno with Matthew, who is studying psychotherapy. They say it is easy, it just once every three weeks to buy a mouse and refilled her water. „When I bought it, looked like a shoelace,“ says Matthew. Now Elizabeth has two years and measures nearly a meter.

** Veterinary tracks: fountain animal stories **

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It makes sense that most people entertain with animals on the tracks vet. At the experiences we asked Teresa, who lived there first year of their studies in pharmacy. „One happened to me, I went down the hall and I met a peacock. Besides, I heard stories about hamsters that had been at night as punishment cage in the hallway when angry. With us on the tracks could not be animals, and dogs must transfer the inside in travel bags. And once I was with another friend in private vet for a hamster with papírama, we have about ten, and just ran chinchillas them there. “

Source cover photo: Stock.Xchng

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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