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Inauguration of the Rector Added:21.3. 2014
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Inauguration of the Rector

Press news

On March 11, 2014 will be held in the auditorium of Mendel University inauguration of the new rector. Prof. Dr.. Ladislav Havel, PhD. was elected October 9, 2013 at a public meeting of the Academic Senate of the University for academic functioning 2014 – 2018.

In his pre-election speech professor named Havel as its priorities and working credo security integration and coordination of activities of individual faculties and other universities through training, research and consultancy processes, the art of listening academia, his style of management to create a space for creative activity, self-realization academics, mutual respect and respect for the work of others.

In the ceremony, during which assumes professor Havel badges office and oath, will attend in addition to academics and universities also representatives of the central government, the Parliament, the Senate, the diplomatic corps, university rectors Czech and Slovak Republics and representatives of social and cultural development center Brno, South Moravian Region.

Prof. Dr.. Ladislav Havel, PhD. (B. 1953) graduated in 1977 with honors study Biology with specialization in Plant Biology, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University (formerly the University of Jan Evangelista in Brno) and in the same year was awarded the degree of Doctor of Natural Sciences. Until 1988 he worked as an internal aspirant, research assistant and later a researcher at the Institute of Experimental Botany of the Czech Republic in Prague (then CSAS), working in Olomouc, where in

1983 became the candidate of biological sciences. In 1989 he was appointed assistant professor of genetics, in 1996 he was appointed associate professor of Agricultural Botany and in 1998 was appointed in the same branch president professor.

Since studies in professional activity focuses on the study of physiological and genetic aspects of the development of plant tissues, organs and whole plants under artificial conditions for herbaceous species and trees. This work was in addition to theoretical knowledge expansion possibilities of plant biotechnology, especially clonal propagation of plants and extend breeding methods. It then focuses on studying plant cell biology, especially in the programmed cell death process of plant development. These works were among the first that topic addressed in plants. At the direction followed by the study of influence of heavy metal ions and aromatic hydrocarbons in plant cells in order to use products on the basis of knowledge in environmental sanitation. In addition, it has recently been studying abnormally colored wheat grains wheat. Besides theoretical contribution of this study direction focuses on the acquisition of functional foods.

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