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Vojta Lamb: My dream has own cardboard furniture Added:17.4. 2014
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Vojta Lamb: My dream has own cardboard furniture

Can you imagine the furniture out of paper? Architecture student Vojta Lamb and founder of the brand Kartoons yes – and he produced it at school.

** How came the idea to manufacture a distinctive cardboard furniture? **

I once saw a great chair made of cardboard that caught my attention. And then when the event took place at the school hall of the year, based on the fact that it creates a structure made of cardboard and loaded, so I was intrigued as cardboard resistant and hard material. The idea to produce custom design furniture was born.

** It was the path from idea to implementation of the first seats complicated? **

Crucial turning point and the reason to go ahead, the participation in the journalistic reality show, „Your story“. I went there with the dream of creating their own furniture. Condition for the achievement of winning was that all I have to catch up to 25 years. So I figured it was only about five months. In the short time we had to catch everything. It was very difficult. At the beginning we did not know about the furniture manufacture anything, so it was such trial and error.

Michal and Vojta

** You speak in the plural. How many people behind the brand Kartoons? **

So far we have only two. Now we made two proposals also externally classmate from elementary school. Role overlap, but I came up with the idea and I'm proposals. While colleague Michal solves the more technical stuff and selling.

** Let's return to competition. What was? **

Everyone had to fulfill his dream. Someone wanted to publish a book, write another musical again. My goal was to design and make your own cardboard furniture. Attend the festival independent fashion and design CODE: MODE and sell 10 of its products. In the end everything worked out successfully and got the first capital of the business.

** What products Cardboard offer? **

We started with cushions and products based on the shape of the seat. We made wine racks and shelves. Now we have a cardboard shields and various accessories. Now stínítkům and accessories we would like to in the future pay the most.

** Is each piece of handcrafted original? **

Individual layers of cushions, shelves or holders for wine are laser cut. They are and must be exactly the same. The rest of the production is done by hand. They can therefore vary slightly. For example, we are able to cushion the sides provide custom graphics, fabric or wallpaper to be used indoors. So yes, we do original pieces. Of course, if someone comes up with a clear vision and because we have our own laser, we can easily and quickly create and shape a piece of the original order.

** How do you manage to combine the study of architecture and business and in which year did you? **

I am a second year master's degree at the Faculty of Civil Engineering. The school goes quite often party. But when I started it once, so I want to be successful and complete. It just has to combine.

** He made you something with cardboard and school must be within the thesis? **

Diploma and bachelor thesis we have fixed. Mostly it is a study of a house or public building. So unfortunately, I had the chance.

** Do you have any advice for students who wish to study at a business? **

The most important thing is not being afraid to try it. I believe that when a person has a good idea and is dedicated to the fullest, so that sooner or later must bear fruit.

Photo: archive Vojta Lamb

Author: Hruška, Jan

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