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University of Pardubice invites international expert seminar on European projects Added:8.5. 2014
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University of Pardubice invites international expert seminar on European projects

Press news

On 13 and 14 May 2014, the University of Pardubice hold its third annual international seminar, this time subtitled „2014–2020: A NEW CHALLENGE FOR EUROPEAN PROJECTS solver“, which will be presented news and changes related to the project (co-) financed from European Commission in connection with the new programming period 2014–2020.

The two-day seminar is designed especially for professional and scholars who are involved in the preparation and implementation of European projects or considering involvement. They participate in it also participants from other institutions of the Czech Republic. Recite the topic will be representatives of Czech and foreign institutions, eg. From the European Commission, the Technology Centre AS CR, the House Foreign Assistance / National Agency for European educational programs, contact the Czech Office for Science, Development and Innovation in Brussels CZELO (Czech Liaison Office for Research, Development and Innovation), Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, etc., and investigators and partners successful European projects.

Specialized workshop for 80 participants will be held in Pardubice in the hall Jan Kaspar (spaces Regional Office Pardubice Region). The working language of the seminar is English. On both days of the seminar are prepared lectures called the other day and also the poster session. The seminar is also a discussion evening in the castle Pardubice.

  • „This international seminar is devoted to present the European programs Horizon 2020 Marie Curie Actions (MSCA) and Erasmus +, focusing on research and mobility, as well as the Czech Operational Programme Research, development and education,“ explains * Ing. Monika Vejchodová, Head of Development and International Relations, University of Pardubice and project coordinator, and adds: * „In addition, the space will be dedicated to the sharing of experience in the preparation and implementation of European projects through the presentation of successful projects from previous programming period.“ *

Participation is interested covered from one of more than 30 successful projects of the University of Pardubice solved within the framework of the Operational Programme Education for Competitiveness and co-financed by the European Social Fund and the state budget of the Czech Republic. Professional patronage over the event were the Governor of the Pardubice region, Mgr. Martin Netolický, Ph.D. and Rector of the University of Pardubice, prof. Ing. Miroslav Ludwig, PhD.

For more information on the seminar are available on the website…/ms2014.html.

International seminar organized by the Department for Development and International Relations, University of Pardubice in the project „Grant Office“ – The path to successful projects (Groff), financed by the Operational Programme Education for Competitiveness.

Project of the University of Pardubice, „Grant Office – The path to successful projects (Groff)“ is in its third and final year of the project. Its aim is to establish, develop and strengthen cooperation with the University of Pardubice various, primarily foreign entities in order to obtain particularly through internships and special training more useful experience and skills in project management to develop a university-wide system of qualified support professional researchers and guarantors for the preparation and management projects, with an emphasis on international scientific and research projects. Groff is to help create a system of project support throughout University (Grant Office), which will lead to increased success in administering projects and obtaining financial support for the activities of the university and its faculties, especially from foreign sources. Grant Office has also actively seek and create opportunities for obtaining grants and financial support for research projects and scientific tasks, provide information and advice service, methodically conduct scientific research teams, organize seminars and workshops to educate and academic teams in project management.

On the implementation of the project and it planned activities, the University of Pardubice financial support of $ 26.5 mil. CZK. Groff project activities are addressed in partnership with the Technology Centre AS CR, an expert body of international support for science and research.

*** More information: ***

  • Ing. Monika Vejchodová

Department of Development and International Relations Project Coordinator Groff phone 466 036 417, 602 122 737 e-mail*

  • Ing. Valerie Wágnerová

Chancellor – University spokesman Pardubice phone 466 036 555 e-mail*

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