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Scholarship CEMI can help in learning disabilities Added:8.5. 2014
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Scholarship CEMI can help in learning disabilities

Press news

In the form of scholarships for the handicapped and people with educational institute CEMI decided to support their studies. Under the program, selected candidates can receive a scholarship of up to 100% of the study and get an MBA and LL.M.

Thanks to social programs and today can attend free of charge MBA and those who did not reach him financially and help other people with disabilities. Ingrid Mrňová such as multiple sclerosis or Petrana Blašková with which doctors diagnosed For ulcerative colitis. Both are actively involved in helping.

Educational Institute CEMI (Central European Management Institute), a leading Czech specialist in online management training programs with Europe-wide, decided the form of grants to support education of handicapped people. When selecting candidates, their motivation and the story of how the study to help other disabled people. * „Institut CEMI supports organizations and projects that are trying to make life easier for those for whom education is not easily attainable. I believe that education is irreplaceable and helps make the world a better place,“ * says institute director CEMI Mgr. Stephen Mika. The Institute has therefore decided to provide a unique chance to handicapped people and the candidates selected for study MBA and LLM, including completely free of charge. The scholarship may be awarded the full amount – the amount of the standard tuition, which is 99 thousand crowns without VAT (119.790, – CZK including VAT).

According to the institute extra on-line teaching through modern e-learning system for learning Fronter. For example, if you want to participate in the study as well as paraplegics or people with multiple sclerosis. More information on

** The way to obtain scholarships ** The applicant must meet the general conditions for admission to the institute, therefore, have a university education or secondary education and appropriate management practice. Applicant for the scholarship means a handicapped person owning the card TP, ZTP or ZTP / P or otherwise documented proof of disability. The scholarship is provided based on individual assessment. * „According to the number of applicants and assessing what they can LLM or MBA studies at the Institute of CEMI bring in the amount of up to 100 percent of the cost of studies,“ explains the director of the Institute * CEMI Mgr. Stephen Mika that believes it will be able to provide educational institute scholarship to the greatest number of applicants, if it considers that this particular candidate because of his studies at the Institute of career moves farther and ideally even through acquired knowledge to help other disabled persons. For the application shall be specifically sending their own life story applicant with a maximum of one A4 page that will describe their own life situation and how his professional degrees or MBA LL.M. will help to better succeed in life, and why should he have to win this scholarship.

** ** Story of Ingrid Mrňové

  • "Ten years ago I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I had felt that my whole world collapsed. At that time I had just started the first year of higher education studies. On the way home from school I began to tingle legs and the next day I was almost paralyzed half of the body. From day to day I literally turned the world upside down. After I recovered from the first severe attack of illness, gradually I began to attend the event Patient Association Union Roska, "* remembers the difficult life moments thirty nine year old Ingrid Mrňová. At first she was afraid to handle look at the people who are struggling with this disease for a long time and are often confined to a wheelchair, but soon her fears vanished completely. In an organization to support people with multiple sclerosis met in his words a lot of positive people who have shown that even with a serious illness can live a full life and its quality depends more on the individual approach, rather than on the degree of disability. Therefore, when the offer came in the Union Roska work, even for a moment hesitate to adopt it. Today is already working in the patient group of more than two and a half years. * "Do MBA degree program I applied to, thanks to newly acquired knowledge to effectively exercise their profession and at the same time had a better chance to build my career. I firmly believe that the experience gained and skills utilized to the full in their profession, which includes providing better health care and living conditions for people with disabilities, "says Ingrid * Mrňová that the degree program Health Management expects especially deepening existing knowledge in health care and adoption of current knowledge based on experience.

A substantial part of her work occupies defending the rights of patients. At these meetings, it will be knowledge of healthcare and its financing big advantage. Another task of the Union Roska is education, because multiple sclerosis is not about forgetting and not the old people, as many people assume. On the contrary, most often erupts between the 20th to 40th year of life and is demonstrated in impaired mobility, vision and dizziness.

** ** Story Petráň Blašková

  • "The first 18 years of life I lived quite normally. My life collapsed a week before graduation. I seriously diseased ulcerative colitis, a chronic disease of the intestinal mucosa. In the course of a few days, I suddenly could not anything. I was seriously ill, I did not have a high school diploma I could not work. I stayed somewhere outside. I did not belong anywhere, I did not know what was life, "* remembers today with a heavy heart, twenty-three Petrana Blašková the sharp reversal life. She began to heal and after three months did graduation. It took another long months before her health improved. She began looking for work and therefore wrote out a job application in nearly 400 companies. Hundreds of others went through personally. Passed more than a year, ever got a job in the first enterprise, and it managed to physically work only two hours a day. Casey managed workload of 4 hours a day. Until next year to withstand full-time. Gradually began to meet with both young and older people with various health problems who wanted to participate in society, just did not know how, or did not meet the minimum requirements.
  • „I understood that I had to rely only on myself. I wanted to take, but I knew I had it on my own I can not. I could not be together a founding member of three civic associations,“ * says Blašková, who now works as a volunteer in civic associations. She was a co-founding member of the civic association ProCommunity. In the previous nearly four years contributed to the fact that people who do not belong or have health problems, but they really want to work and self-fulfillment is, just do not know how or where, given the possibility that she personally was missing so much.
  • „Acute, however, need to be obtained through modern forms of education professional knowledge to manage the company and lead people, and so I signed a scholarship to the Institute of CEMI. Findings from the study want to use the start-up projects, aiming to be able to physically handicapped people participate meaningfully in society, to find a new purpose in life, to seek and find their way mainly from a difficult situation. I made another ‚impossible‘ thing in my life. The study management, "* revealed the objective of his efforts Petrana Blašková that allowed inspired by the motto: * "Think of the impossible. Then find the courage to simply do it.“ *

** The MBA qualification increases ** MBA is a foreign university degree program. This form of post-graduate education is primarily intended for those who want or need to improve their skills and knowledge supplement. Knowledge workers use and non-profit organizations who daily face economic issues and the need to acquire the necessary knowledge. From short courses with different intensity and length of study. In case CEMI is a two-term study. The MBA degree (or Master of Business Administration) in the Czech Republic granted a non-academic professional title, written after the name. Therefore, there is compensation for higher education (either a bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree), but a lifelong career education that this university study complements and extends. This is generally the ideal professional training of all managers, whether aspirants for managerial positions or people who already work as managers. In some (mainly international) companies is even MBA degree requirement career and achieve higher managerial positions. This education also appreciate individual entrepreneurs or employees in the state administration.

** Study LLM extends legal awareness ** Corporate learning program Master of Laws (LLM) is intended not only for lawyers, whether corporate, acting alone, or employees of law firms. Orientate themselves in legal matters, it is important for all managers of companies or nonprofit organizations who widens qualifications. Study LLM program includes courses specialized in the area of ​​law, such as corporate law, corporate governance and insolvency law and ways of dealing with bankruptcy. Students also receive items such as the Economic and Commercial Law EU, European and international private law and international trade law.

For more information, please visit or contact:

  • Pavel Kaspar

PR Manager T: +420 739 290 708 E: Just Communication Ltd. Long 16 110 00 Praha 1 *

** The Central European Institute of Management ** Central European Institute of Management (or CEMI) was established to provide education MBA and LLM European level, available for students from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. With 242 laureates and more than 260 current students are among the most important and largest provider of MBA and LLM degree in Central Europe.

The course is designed to allow education to the students busy time. For these purposes at CEMI introduced the most advanced e-learning system Fronter, which are made available to students all the necessary study materials and other necessary information and whom students can use for communication with teachers and each other within their study groups. This system uses include Vienna University, University of Cambridge ESOL or Lillehammer.

CEMI is a fully accredited member of the IADL (International Association for Distance Learning), a member of EADL (European Association for Distance Learning), a member of the AIVD – Association of Adult Education of the Czech Republic, a member of the AMSP (Association of Small and Medium Enterprises), a collective member of the CMA (Czech Management Association ).

CEMI supports the education of disabled people in this area and also cooperates with Czech Radio Firefly Foundation and the civic association Life for Children. In addition, it also supports an endowment fund good angel or organization People in Need. More on

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