Ministry of Education and Labour Warranty promise for young Added:27.5. 2014
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Ministry of Education and Labour Warranty promise for young

Dušan Čaplovič and Ján Richter, Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport and the Labour, Social Affairs and Family of Slovakia, signed a memorandum on cooperation in the security system changes in the preparation of human resources for the labor market.

The question of cooperation from ministries, representatives of employers ‚and workers‘ representatives is inextricably linked precisely with educational system. Memorandum of the signatories confirm that im not that question is neglectful and that they recognize that the education system is with demand in the labor market and employment that sleep.

Efficiencies should continue their cooperation and the implementation of the joint project „Guarantees for the young“: http: //ec.europa.e­u/social/main­.jsp? Catid = 1079 & sk = langId. This system, which represents the approach to solving unemployment and people over 25 years. Its purpose is to provide im Jobs within 4 months after the end of formal education or with the loss of the working area. The EU Member States are prepared program for the introduction of this program, which requires close cooperation of all stakeholders (public authorities, employment services, providers of the professional consultancy, institutions of education and training, services to support young entrepreneurs, employers, trade unions etc.).

On Wednesday, 05/14 Government approved the Operational Programme „Human Resources for the field of education and employment“: http: //­.sk/new/index­.php? SMC = 1 & id = 3398 and the signing of a Memorandum of reacting ministries on him. This Program is the goal of encouraging a sustainable and quality employment, labor mobility, investment in education, training, and training, as well as to skills and lifelong learning.

By signing Minister confirmed that they will cooperate in efforts to reconciliation and the functioning of the educational system, a requirement for the job market. The needs of employers monitor and generate forecasts National assembly called, and the National Qualifications system. MoLSA SR and SR MŠVVŠ set up a coordination committee, which will oversee the compliance with the principles of partnership participating entities and harmonize their working practices in carrying out tasks in the areas defined in the memorandum.


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