Extra study on ALL FM Added:29.7. 2014
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Extra study on ALL FM

„University of Economics, Prague“: http: //www.jobs.cz/vy­soke-skoly/vysoka-skola-ekonomicka-v-praze/ (ALL) has called for those interested. ** Annual extraordinary study **, which serves as preparation for study at the „Faculty managementu“:http://www.jobs.cz/…managementu/#/q/ (FM). Intended primarily ** prospective applicants for study ** bachelor's degree at the same faculty in general or to those who want to supplement ** ** economic education. To study the candidates are admitted without entrance examinations, the study itself is an additional cost of * * CZK 34,000 **.

In each of two semesters students take six chosen subjects that are the same as those of accredited undergraduate program, and in addition can participate in preparation for the entrance exams at the University. If these students admitted to full-time studies in the next academic year, they will be successfully completed course recognized as completed ** **. Successful graduates also receive a certificate of participation and a certificate with the results of the examinations successfully. Additionally, those candidates who have successfully completed or pass the entrance exam (for the academic year 2014/15 or 2015/16) and were not admitted for capacity reasons, may be admitted to the smooth ** ** study if, during an extraordinary study have at least 40 credits.

Applications for study should take into ** ** September 19, 2014, teaching itself will start a week later, ie. 26 September 2014. The study takes place in combined form ** ** always ** on Friday and Saturday ** (in winter semester ie September 26 to 27, 17 to 18 October, November 21 to 22 and 19 to 20 December 2014).

In addition to the above program faculty also offers a program for future students, master's degree ** ** or ** ** individual preparation.

Detailed information about the extraordinary studies at ALL FM visit „www.fm.vse.cz“: http: //www.fm.vse.cz/za­jemci-o-studium/mimoradne-studium/.

Source: „www.fm.vse.cz“: http: //www.fm.vse.cz/za­jemci-o-studium/mimoradne-studium/

Author: Černá, Lucie

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