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Janáček Academy students created the game of famous acting textbook Added:8.9. 2014
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Janáček Academy students created the game of famous acting textbook

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The unusual ingredient used in its first premiere of the new season in a Drama Studio Marta Janáček Academy students. Production called My Education for acting inspired eponymous textbook famous Russian playwright KS Stanislavsky. Premiere ninety-minute production, directed by JA Pitínský, will be held on Monday, 8th, 9th 2014 in 19 hours. Meet in her drama acting students who will be in the upcoming academic year to complete.

"Konstantin S. Stanislavski – theorist and teacher of acting, the Great High Priest theatrical reform. His textbook My education is acting today to help candidates prepare actors from Omsk after Hollywood. We flung her on the stage, "said the author of the script and dramaturgy student at the Janacek Academy Simon Peták.

My education has to be one of the most beautiful books in the history of literature, said a century ago Stanislavski himself. The book presents practical advice, as well as abstract physical tools and overall (very bushy) concept art and ethics actor. „The whole thing is dressed in the form of a diary novel,“ Petak said. Staging used the original plan of the book, which notes leads one of the students fictitious fictitious class genius Arkady Nikolayevich Torcova, who holds and teaches precisely that „Stanislavsky System“. Torcov itself – a sort of alter ego Stanislavsky – will be one of the main characters of the new production. Next to him in the nine figures rozhorlených naive young people who gather in one form acting at the Academy of Art. Peták in fine jokingly says that the new production will, however, appealing to all and to increase the number of candidates to study acting at the Janacek Academy: "Torcov leads its adepts acting on what would

every person he wanted to experience. Like Harry Potter wants to get into Hogwarts. "

According young dramaturg at home over a hundred years old cloth nobody on stage in a similar manner did not transfer. Creative team, however, is not about performing simple manual acting, staging top is not what people are concerned, the real line. My first Reprise production training for acting on 9 and 10 September in the studio Marta.

** Directed and story: ** Jan Antonín Pitínský ** Scenario: ** Simon Petak et al. ** Assistant dramaturgy: ** Simon Peták ** Assistant Director: Teresa ** Rihova ** Design: ** Hynek Parsley, Stella Šonková ** Production: ** Carolina Vyhnálková

** Starring ** David Janošek, Tereza Slavkovská, Milada Vyhnálková, Daniel Ondrácek, Michael Foitová, Peter Reimannová, Kristina origins, David Janik, Barbara Nesvadbová, Juraj Hader, Andrew Dvorak, Jiri Svoboda and Tereza Rihova

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