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University of Pardubice "tower" Science and Technology for students directly to the school yard Added:17.9. 2014
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University of Pardubice "tower" Science and Technology for students directly to the school yard

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Diversify the beginning of the school year, several hundred pupils in primary and secondary schools decided to University of Pardubice. With interactive „road-show“ Science and technology school yard for schoolchildren arrive teams of academics and university students, so that in the coming days introduced to the world of modern science and to show how the world works around us.

In this and next week starts out teams of five faculties of the University of Pardubice – Faculty of Chemical Technology, Faculty of Economics and Administration, Faculty of Health Studies, Jan Perner Transport Faculty and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science – a four-day popular-scientific nature pilgrimage, which will arrive with four courts Schools Pardubice, Central Bohemia, and Hradec Králové region. During one day have students in selected schools and their surroundings opportunity to learn about nature and at the same time entertaining way, with a wide range of attractions from the world of modern technology, engineering and science disciplines, through experiential workshops, demonstrations, experiments and games from various fields grown on University of Pardubice.

"In each school will be ready for students experiential post three faculties. On them will be able to explore a variety of attractions from the world of chemistry, mathematics, robotics and electronics, medical and rescue or traffic engineering. Throughout the day you will be able to try a wide range of experiments, mathematical or programming the games, "describes the action Science and Technology at the school yard coordinator Ing. arch. Iva Svobodová.

„Children and young people will learn eg. With magic dividing colors and learns how to perform the identification of persons using fingerprints, try to separate DNA from fruit or vegetables. Paramedics perform them in action and obstetricians to life-size models demonstrate real birth. Because they are children, in addition to the elderly, the most vulnerable group when you receive counterfeit bills, we included a workshop in which they learn to recognize the security features on bills, "says some interesting things from the program coordinator action continues:“ Another faculty have prepared, for example, robots or inverted pendulum . And that math can be fun, finds students must draw fractals as a robot, which is able to draw itself. "

The four-day journey through the selected primary and secondary schools will start the varsity team in Tuesday, September 16th. The first stop of expository popular interactive program will Grammar School in Chrudim. Right on Wednesday, September 17 it replaces Grammar School in Cologne. The next two stops are planned for next week – on Tuesday, September 23, the team stopped at the Secondary Technical School of Chemistry (SpSch) in Pardubice. Autumn popular-scientific journey concludes „science and technology“ the following day, September 24 at the elementary school yard Habrmannova in Hradec Kralove, where the varsity team also accompany students SpSch Pardubice.

Program full of attractions and entertainment begins at selected schools always with the first bell. University research team will be ready to explain the nature of phenomena, experiments and demonstrations of up to 16 hours. In the afternoon the school yard also open to visitors from the general public.

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Ing. arch. Iva Svobodová Department of Promotion and Public Relations UPa Event coordinator of the project BRAVO II phone 466 036 482, mobile 606 694 170 e-mail*

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