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Leoš Janáček International Competition in Brno this year dominated by flute and clarinet Added:17.9. 2014
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Leoš Janáček International Competition in Brno this year dominated by flute and clarinet

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The jubilee twentieth edition of Leoš Janáček International Competition in Brno will begin on Sunday, 21 September 2014. The top arts contest organized by Faculty of Music of Janacek Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in partnership with the Leos Janacek and under the auspices of the Governor of South Moravian Region JUDr. Michal Hasek and the Mayor of Brno Bc. Romana Onderka, MBA.

„With great joy I can say that this year attended by over a whopping two hundred candidates from all over the world,“ said President and Dean of the event organizing faculty professor Henry Petras. This year – in the history of the competition for the first time – in Brno compete flutes (128 contestants) and clarinets (82 contestants).

All performances are open to the public in the Concert Hall of the Faculty of Music Theatre, the Eagles and Besední house where the September 26, 2014 from 18 hours a concert winners and award prizes in cooperation with the Chamber Orchestra of Opera Diversa conductor Vit Spilka.

Brno ready for a few days will gather young players from nearly forty countries around the world. Artists (according to the rules of the competition in thirty-five years of age) represent propagated distant states such as, for example, Australia, Columbia, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Russia, Kazakhstan, USA, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, Israel, but also almost all European countries.

"Twenty-year clearly demonstrates its viability. In addition to competition at the Prague Spring Festival is the second most important event of its kind in the country, "said Professor Henry Petras. Competition, according to him, currently the tallest parameters that determine the quality of similar international businesses. It three- and choice of repertoire for each field includes masterpieces of world authors.

Dean of the Faculty of Music in Brno and guarantor of horn adds that sit on juries outstanding professionals of the instrument. Competition is a multidisciplinary and cycle five years, it will replace a total of ten players disciplines. Victory in the competition is associated with an interesting financial rewards. Laureates you in every branch will carry the first place a hundred thousand crowns, two additional placement are connected to the sum of seventy and forty thousand crowns. Next year will compete in Brno violin and string quartet, even a year later, French horn and tuba. It is interesting that last year was the organizing Faculty of Music among the winners, but two winners.

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