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The science museum there again building activity. Palacky University he knows who arrives Strength knowledge Added:7.10. 2014
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The science museum there again building activity. Palacky University he knows who arrives Strength knowledge

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Science Museum Strength knowledge that from 2012 there is in the area of ​​Crown sconces in Olomouc center, arrives company VW WACHAL, as of Kroměříže. The company won the tender for the contractor, which Palacky University sought since April this year. And for this reason that the original construction company, Ostrava OKDC mont, got into insolvency and reconstruction did not finish.

Builders began work last month and should finish in mid-January. Before them are still a lot of work. Must finish installing all distributions gross, flooring, drywall individual rooms, glass partitions, elevator shafts, stairwells or facade. For construction were already invested about 54 million crowns, more than half of this amount remains. "Some previous work companies have been performed well, therefore it must be some things in the context of the completion of repair and remodel. The cost of reconstruction is therefore up slightly. New builder's not easy, but we believe in the successful completion of construction, "said construction specialist and secretary of the Faculty of Science Jana Zimová and added that with colleagues at this moment, the moderates are optimistic, but not complacent.

In early December, will begin furniture assembly and installation of larger exhibits. Work will be difficult to coordinate and to build will be very busy. Will there we meet each profession, not only builders, craftsmen, technicians, but also the creators of original exhibits. „We are pleased that we can continue to create an interactive center, which will popularize science and technology to bring people answers to questions that interest them,“ said project coordinator and head of the Centre popularization of science and research, the Faculty of Science Blanka Krausová. During the selection process for a new supplier of project preparation team idle. Experts worked intensely on the individual exhibits and technical facilities such as museums and formed. Giant model of the eye, brain, model sewage treatment plants and pumping plants, river bed, planetary light weight or harp.

Strength of knowledge will become the first city to popularize science and research in Central Moravia. Arises under the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation 2007–2013. The public into it first looks at the beginning of next year, when it should be launched pilot operation.

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Martina Vysloužilová Faculty Centrum popularization of science and research *

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