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Doctorate and motherhood are not mutually exclusive Added:17.5. 2004
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Doctorate and motherhood are not mutually exclusive

Most people getting into doctoral study program at an age when their peers are building a career, establish a family, have lived an active life. Especially when women are deciding on their future academic focus on choice: family or study. Feeling that it is not possible to reconcile both of them so that no one was relegated to „second track“ remains. What really is being a mother, a PhD student?

Most people getting into a doctoral program of study at an age when their peers are building a career, establish a family, have lived an active life. Especially when women are deciding on their future academic focus on choice: family or study. Feeling that it is not possible to reconcile both of them so that neither one was relegated to „second track“ persists. What really is being a mother, a PhD student?

Ruth Konvalinková his dissertation work at the Philosophical Faculty of Masaryk University. Doctor cycle of studies at the Institute of the Czech language started in 1997, after two years of study, however, due to risk of pregnancy was interrupted, and since then on maternity leave.

"Doctorate, I decided to do since I was studying and because I enjoyed leading the thesis after completing a master's degree he continued his studies had suggested. It pleased me and I did not have much time to think, entrance exams are approaching … I agreed and I do not regret my decision. "Says Ruth. She joined the department as an internal PhD student and among her duties then included not only studying, exams and writing a dissertation, but also the field of teaching at a university or a variety of administrative activities within the department. At that time, but was married for five years and started of course with my husband to think about starting a family. Thanks to the friendliness of staff of the Department should not fear to take up studies in spite of these plans: "Of course I'm counting with the possibility of pregnancy, I was married for a long time. When I referred to the department, all were very helpful. My study leader told me once that if pregnancy is not a problem to suspend or terminate the study. "Says Ruth neighborhood approach.

For the first time she became pregnant after two years of doctoral study and decided to break his „I counted with the interruption of studies for two years, but before that period expired, I was expecting another child, so I stayed home for another three years longer. This does not mean that I stayed in contact with the department, especially the last two years trying to work on dissertation and regularly go to the consultation. "But admits that it brings with it many problems. Between diapers, pacifiers, and cooking dinner is hard to find quiet time to collect and process the necessary materials. "So far I deal with it mostly at night. Fortunately, I also still supporting parents. My mother once a week, pay the babysitter Miss, I could now concentrate solely on the work. One day a week but obviously not enough, I devote much more time studying, adapting the organization to him all day and sometimes even a little blame. I feel like I neglect my motherly duties and girls do not pay enough. People will think twice if you pull out the evening and begin with tempera paint or children with them will do something, so that he could save, and start writing straight nesmývat color of the walls … Not at you but I can not imagine what it would be if I had interrupted the study. “

In this case, would have to be present at the department at least four days a week, she would teach and prepare for teaching. Although it received a salary that is slightly higher than the current parent, but should not the children of almost all the time. Finance is obviously another of the challenges the family must face a similar situation: „Today it is possible to earn unlimited maternity leave, so I did not pay the studio and thus had more time, I could definitely contribute to the domestic budget more than just what receive from the state, I could also do without the support of parents, but not like it. I suspect that the spouse who is a teacher in high school, apparently relieved, if at all doctorate coughed, but it does not say … and I can not abandon it now. Graduation for me lately biggest motivation. “

Above graduation is not considered. The department wants to return in January 2005 and has an open back door. "I have doubts, and perhaps justified, if indeed dostuduji, but in human terms they understand my choice. Most people studying doctoral studies, although based family later dostudují first, but for me personally and especially family life very important. By the time I was deciding whether to start a family or even to wait just does not matter to me. Although the husband did not push me, but children are very wanted. If I had had confidence that really dostuduji in three years, I might have waited, but the PhD is difficult and few people will complete it within the specified time, so I decided to tackle this situation. "Ruth explains.

Older girl is now four years and joined this year in kindergarten, the younger, two years, will join next year, Ruth will therefore be able to return to the department and start studying again in full force. „One must especially acknowledge the possibility that the study is complete thoughts about whether I was able to finish school unnecessarily paralyze a person.“ Sometimes it but wants strong nerves. The day after our interview, for example, mother of the children managed to erase a computer all day job. There was nothing to breathe and start over again.

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