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Want to study abroad? Added:23.6. 2004
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Want to study abroad?

Brány univerzit v zemích EU otevřeny!

The fact that the investment return to the studio is well known. Kolikanásobně appraise it, but it's up to you! The latest trends in higher education is to go to study abroad, preferably west.

The fact that the investment return to the studio is well known. Kolikanásobně appraise it, but it's up to you! The latest trends in higher education is to go to study abroad, preferably west. One possibility to represent the educational programs of the European Union, such as Socrates or Mundus, more interesting and rewarding (though expensive) is to spend the entire period of study abroad. What will it take? You will see a different life, a different mentality, master a foreign language, and if you choose well, there will also invaluable item in your CV.

** How? ** With the accession of the Czech Republic into the European Union to open up a wide range of students. After payment of health insurance and tuition so you can study as ordinary students at any university in the EU. You just decide what and where you want to study hedge the infinite patience and go in search of information and processing the necessary documents.

The first step is to select the field and the country will help EU portal Ploteus ( / Ploteus / portal / home.jsp), which after filling out a short form where you enter your requirements, matching your search for University wishes. Educational systems in individual EU countries still differ, so explore the Internet interface Eurydice ( Learn how it works in the selected destination, whether the study consists of several cycles, if the tuition fees, etc. If you want to check how they rate a given college in comparison with others, try to look at the Top 100 European Universities ( / ranking.htm). As pointed out by Zdeněk Pastor of Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports: „The candidate should choose to study only offers accredited higher education programs recognized by foreign universities, otherwise it runs the risk that it will not return after his education in the Republic recognized.“ This information can be found on-www.enic

** Have you selected. And what next? ** Now you have a choice alma mater must accept. In Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, France and Greece are taken at the school-leaving certificate. Germany besides it still requires a certificate of knowledge of German Zentrale Oberstufenprüfung or successful completion of the German test. In Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Poland and Austria made up of the entrance examination only candidates for fields such as medicine, architecture or even civil engineering, which applies to Malta, where foreign students are still forced to undergo a mandatory one-year basic course. Classic admissions waiting for you in Lithuania, Latvia, Slovak Republic, Cyprus and Spain and Portugal. Slovenes, Hungarians and the British to determine the criteria for admission alone.

** How to take it? ** There are several possibilities: either you pay the parent studies, or the funds can buy or elsewhere. When studying you can work only in Sweden, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany and France; applies here but all sorts of restrictions. In France, the student may work up to 15 hours a week in the UK must register within a month, etc. You can also try to obtain funding from foundations that specialize in training and competitions for issuing grant for foreign study. Essential links, visit the House of Foreign Services ( or order a directory of Czech foundations ( Also you can take to college credit, but students of Czech banks are not based too meet. This type of loan offers and Postal Savings Bank. Czech Savings Bank lends only to students MBA. Other banks will tell you to go out with an overdraft or loan to take your parents.

Although semestrům spent outside prior to a lot of hard work and hassle of handling, embedded strain you in the form desired diploma from the prestigious European universities returns.

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