Sport at University Added:2.4. 2003
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Sport at University

This article attempts to briefly bring sporting opportunities and responsibilities of university students. It features information about the concept of education and extracurricular sports activities. It can help you in deciding which school to prioritize and contrary to the wide arc to avoid …

Student sports activities within the university community can be divided into mandatory and optional. These usually include mandatory one and a half hours of physical education per week, or winter, respectively. Summer sports courses. High schools are governed by the concept of teaching on their own. It seems that the popular model is to obtain a predetermined number of credits for the above-mentioned sports. In this way, instruction is provided on traditional Czech and Moravian university (CU, MU, all …). The individual institutes will then differ only in the number and concentration of the prescribed hours or credits, such as the UK is obliged to exercise the first two semesters of study, then it should be, I quote a former classmate: "gymnastic earn 8 points, ie either four semesters of a TV or weekly rates. "less rigorous approach allows students to catch any required credits during the study (University, Economics).

At the other extreme you find schools with non-teaching physical education (Technical University of Liberec, art schools, UHK, Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry, …). At these meetings, the Department of TV, if any, focus on preparing graduates athletes – professionals and / or ensure the operation of sports clubs, clubs and rings. To them, let's discuss in more detail.

In the words of another of my ex-classmates (a student of Charles University), the rings are the place „where it creates a good community – you just do not go there … do with the unknown in these circles and weekends … especially just climbers.“ The text is not only evident weakness of the respondents silnoruké climbers, but also a real opportunity to develop long-hidden or not yet discovered the abilities and skills, or make new acquaintances. All this will provide sports activities. The functioning of university sports clubs and then, after the model of Anglo-Saxon universities, a matter of prestige. Some clubs can boast the highest participation in national and international competitions (volleyball FMP, JUDIS UHK and others). Circles and clubs offer a wide (we offer everything that is high quality information processed. University offers the only extra TV for the disabled. More info…brozura.php3): Basketball, combi, hockey, handball, hockey, canoeing, football, modern form of gymnastics, modern outdoor sports, swimming, non-swimmers and weak swimmers, swimming, strength training, recreational sports, self defense, active defense, sports gymnastics, fencing, tennis, volleyball, health physical education (similar to TV as health took place at the school), swimming, health, TV for the disabled.

Offer courses and clubs at other institutions are similar.

Condition sports facilities – swimming pools, gyms, etc. is satisfactory. In many places there and there are extensive reconstruction. Equipment is continually renewed. The possibility of students attending these facilities in their free time is twofold. The first group consists of students of schools and sports fields, whose stay in the sport on the school premises is requested. Other students are limited capacity, subjected to regular classes. The pools then their normal operation. Rarely, students will gain more than the student discount. In contrast, most of the schools participating in elective courses is unlimited. Nothing, except that the timetable is, therefore, does not prevent you attending one semester while swimming, basketball and maybe canoeing, fitness and health exercise. This is all free!

And how does such learning takes place? Frankly, the clock is completely directed by the teacher. Meet „hecaři“, "prudiči, phlegmatic and accommodating fellow. It is good therefore to individual professors in advance to inform senior colleagues – students.

Finally, it should be noted that the physical training of students is at most state universities adequately catered for in the intercollegiate tournament can gain valuable experience from the top sport and it is up to you how to utilize the opportunity.

Sport success! .. Hi!

Our Tip: health exercise are reported mostly girls (and not all have a rounded back or some other medical problem)

Basketball, table – tennis and volleyball classes are mixed. Even in the gym and swimming encounter both boys and girls.


Author: Ruman, Michal

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