Throws lawmakers students own foot? Added:19.10. 2004
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Throws lawmakers students own foot?

Je nový zákon o zaměstnanosti další administrativní nesmysl, nebo byl skutečně vytvořen ve prospěch studentů?

From October this year, the new Act on Employment. Recruiting agencies are fighting with him literally. As a result, law students work with more expensive and not what they are interested in companies.

From October this year, the new Act on Employment. Recruiting agencies are fighting with him literally. Does not enter into agreements with students for work, but only the contracts of temporary jobs which will have to pay deposit insurance premiums. The agency goes so fewer students, you have more administration and must be candidates for summer jobs to pay social and health insurance. The main problem therefore lies in the fact that this work is to rise by 47 per cent of students and the companies have paid so dearly to hire labor.

According to the agency worker Index Plus, Ladislav Cihak, but the new law can be interpreted in different ways. The law is after him is too short. "Clients (companies-editor's note.) Do not like price increases and increased administration and are pushing the agency to be oriented to other laws. Finally, all parties try every possible way to circumvent the law, "Cihak said.

Theoretically, the law is well developed, but as it turns out, in practice it is almost impossible to follow, especially with regard to short-brigades. For example, if a student goes to wash windows, the agency it will have to pay premiums.

Ladislav Jouza, a specialist from the department of labor law legislation, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the New Testament advocates: „It's to protect the students. Agreement on work activity and the contract is included in income, but the agreement to perform work that does not. Closes if the student contracts for work, meet the conditions for payment and delivery of unemployment benefits. Sighs of students see it as unfounded, the modification is in their favor. “

According to reports, TV Nova has announced a number of companies that will employ the students. The situation has gone so far as to students of Technical University in Liberec want to complain to the Constitutional Court. „We are left to write a petition to bring it to the Constitutional Court, or go to the ombudsman,“ said a student of Technical University, Karel Buzek. President of the Association of employment agencies Grund said it would be better to discuss the amendment of the law. In it, the representatives of agencies and students welcomed the precise specification of student status, which in the current version of the Law no.

Possible solutions can get that student to bypass the company itself. Only a company with him is liable to conclude contracts for work and do not pay premiums for it.

Source: Radio 1-Advice,

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