In Brno, will broadcast a new student radio Added:29.11. 2004
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In Brno, will broadcast a new student radio

„We want the student radio broadcast was an independent, non-commercial and student,“ say the authors of the new radios, which should begin airing in April next year.

After seven years of effort get the project authors Radio Student, Petr Vesely, Petr Holecek and David Vavruša, a license for broadcasting new radio. This will in their words, focused on the target group of students aged 15–26 years. „At the moment there is no radio, which would adequately cover specific audiences a group of students of secondary schools and universities,“ says the creators of the project.

You may ask, why would a radio broadcast in Brno, the answer is simple – the number of students due to the population is currently in Brno, the highest in the country.

The frequency at which you can tune the radio, is 107 FM. „The transmitter covers the entire Brno and students from other parts of the country you can hear us on the Internet,“ said Peter Gay, „in the future we would like to cooperate with the cities of Zlín and Olomouc,“ he added.

The station will have six permanent employees. The program and editorial space will be populated by mostly students of the Faculty of Social Studies students and faculty JAMU Theatre, the site manager and economic students of Economics and Administration Faculty of Masaryk University and Faculty of Business University. Technical Sites are intended for students of the Faculty of Informatics and the Faculty of Electronics and Computer Science BUT. „Of course not rejected other candidates, and even high school students,“ says creator.

Student radio program will have a different format than commercial radio. There has to be a greater proportion of the spoken word and spoken word, 1 part to 3 parts of music. The main pillar of the program will reflect the current news events that will directly affect student life in Brno. In addition, a new radio station wants to bring entertainment and information. It will therefore focus on high-quality spoken word and live contact with the audience.

Student Radio should broadcast in different program blocks 24 hours a day. Among the headings appear such as science, film, sport and fashion, represented will be broadcast in foreign languages. Come into their own students interested in ecology and travel. The most interesting agendas could become a magazine Xena. He will be devoted to minorities of various types and will focus on xenophobic sentiments in our society.

The new radio will be interesting in terms of music. „We will play the pop medium,“ says Peter Holecek, „In the evening we will focus on the peripheral genres.“ The authors of the project are people who either worked or still work in the school or media and artistic environment and are in constant contact with young people. Petr Holecek, JAMU graduate, worked as a dramaturge CST, rector JAMU or editor Living in Brno. David is a graduate Vavruša rights MU and Petr Veselý graduated JAMU which now serves as a teacher and is also artistic director of the municipal theaters in Brno and Zlín.

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