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Student Initiatives Added:7.4. 2003
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Student Initiatives

In the coming months we will be regularly provided to acquaint the student with the various interest groups and organizations.

In the coming months we will be regularly provided to acquaint the student with the various interest groups and organizations. Initially be addressed to the student movement as a whole, but due to the inconsistency of Students and diversity objectives and scope of groups I decided to make a brief profile of some selected representatives. I hope so at least the approximate shape of today's student movement scenes.

The first novice is a civic organization with a slightly unusual name 'os Podblanickem. It was established earlier this year and has a group of young enthusiasts from around the legendary hill Blanik (width of the Posázavský). Their main goal is to "create the conditions for a happy, fulfilling lives of young people in rural areas.

For this reason, the first person Podblanickem focuses on organizing one-off cultural, information and other events (eg bicycle on top Roudný with lectures, concerts and exhibitions in the tearoom Vlašim Medina and multicultural working-weekends on the water at the fort in Popovice Benes), both to intensive cooperation with local authorities and government in an effort to incorporate the needs of young villagers in development plans of municipalities.

You may be wondering why a village initiative to write to the university server. O. s. Podblanickem prepared for the year 2003 an ambitious project, called back to the countryside. The project fulfills the standards of the European Union (Leader) and the Czech equivalent standards administered by the Ministry for Regional Development (MRD) – Rural Renewal Programme. Back to the country these days off in a pilot project for rural students. In cooperation with the Faculty of Humanities University will be held twice a year on business – exploring weekends. Those students can participate in FHS (assuming there is also cooperation with Charles University and Faculty of Social Studies), their professors and representatives of MMR. The weekend will be two lectures to the public. The aim is to attract skilled employees with focus on regional development. Why all this? The aim os Podblanickem clearly and distinctly high-level requirements to formulate a youth related to the further development of the region. The first weekend will be the sixth – 8 June 2003.

O. s. Podblanickem is open to all young people under 35 years with a focus on rural areas, specifically Posázavský. If you're thinking about a peaceful, rural life, feel free to join. You get a lot of new, valuable experiences, information and friends. More info (More info on the project for students in rural

Author: Ruman, Michal

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