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Have you heard? Studying in Scotland are worth! Added:11.12. 2004
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Have you heard? Studying in Scotland are worth!

Country extensive heaths, many lakes and impressive mountain scenery offers the possibility of yet, many Czech students know.

Country extensive heaths, many lakes and impressive mountain scenery offers the possibility of yet, many Czech students know.

Not only to British students, Scotland is generous and less generous. With the exception because they can charge of local universities to study how the British and foreign students. The truth is that this advantage but it applies only to those whose parents earn less than £ 21,000 a year – about 80 thousand per month. But what we talk about – not a big secret that many of us earn a few, so the government and European Union students from low income to pay tuition. On the contrary, British students in England for his university studies must pay, up more than eleven hundred pounds annually, equivalent to fifty thousand crowns.

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That is a great opportunity not only for those students having already studied at university, but especially for those who are in admission procedures have not yet had much luck. On the other hand, it is important to realize that tuition is one thing and living another. The cost of housing, food and entertainment dedication to reach at least £ 550 a month, ie less than thirty thousand. This must have been responsible for their own students.

The cost of living on campus at the University of Glasgow at around £ 240 per month. Although the University strives to meet students, it is still a relatively high amount. Most students do so during the studies been hired, many of them also receive school scholarships. The minimum wage in Scotland is about 4.5 pounds per hour. Given these costs for housing and other matters, however, when such students have to pay to work about 30 hours per week, which it certainly conflicts with the actual study.

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However, Scottish universities already quite a few Czech students are gaining experience from abroad. Options are broad fields of study and many of them can also pass through the famous Socrates.

The exemption of tuition fees paid by the Scottish universities, it does not apply to students in doctoral programs. They then have essentially two options – to work and earn tuition to pay about three thousand pounds a year, or may apply for a grant. This applies to those who also teach at the school and postgraduate work process – for them to pay the tuition university.

Attending international assignments they are now almost a necessity. While earlier people asked: „Were you on a scholarship?“ You will hear today more questions like "Where have you been on an internship. … And it pays off!

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