Olomouc Faculty have been selected by 250 new students Added:1.12. 2004
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Olomouc Faculty have been selected by 250 new students

Students who were successful in Olomouc admission to law school year begins 6.prosince 2004th

The study department of the Faculty of Law, Palacky University in Olomouc, gathered a total of 1536 applications to the study, which is 300 less than last year. In the first year of the Faculty accepted 250 applicants.

With nearly a half-year delay of the entrance examination held on November 19 to study in Olomouc. For this late-term ban on the accreditation committee was to accept new students, it mattered particularly small number of associate professors and professors.

Students who were in admission to other law school failed, the date of the entrance to the complainants. „Late term came in handy to me.“ Said one of the applicants Mirek Bartoskova. Applicants had to pass a test of general knowledge and foreign language. Other endpoints included the average candidate for the high school graduation test results, the average results of the profile of the Czech language course for all years of study.

By the first year of newly admitted students is less, will be designed differently than in previous years. Those who were successful at admission, academic year begins on December 6. Students will make up for the slide during the winter months, when other students of the faculty will have the examination period. According to Dean Malacky get needed a lot of information.

Source: MF Dnes

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