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Fields of Study

In the section on Special fields for you to clearly process information about individual fields. You are not a clear distinction between social pedagogy and social work? Do not know what to imagine under applied mathematics or international relations? It is in this section, we explain what each field from the studio to wait, what subjects offered and what their graduates.

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Fields of Study Added:14.6. 2009 7:50

The Special Branch: Addictology

Drug addiction and other long been one of the major problems of our society. Although there are already several organizations and institutions in the treatment and prevention of these forms of risky behavior targeted range of specialized fields of study that would educate professionals in the Addictology, in our country is lagging. The exception is perhaps the Prague Medical Faculty. (Article was updated on the 28th 11th, 2009)

Fields of Study Added:6.6. 2009 7:31

The Special Field: Indology

Fields with a hint of exoticism are increasingly at odds. Are you enthusiastic for one narrowly defined area and attracts you to learn the language of a distant country, learn the local culture and customs and more understanding of other people thinking? One of these options offers Indian studies. Note: Article was updated on 23 11th 2009th

Fields of Study Added:2.6. 2009 7:06

The Special Branch: The higher judicial officer

A new study at the Law Faculty of Masaryk University offers specialized vocational training especially for the Ministry of Justice. Note: Article updated 5th 12th 2009 (-KAV-)

Fields of Study Added:25.5. 2009 7:38

The Special Branch: Three new degree courses in Glasgow

Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno Faculty is offering education in regional development programs, field of study Regional Development and Regional Development is the field of study Regional Development, Forestry and Wood Technology Faculty of the newly opened field of Natural Resource tropical and subtropical areas.

Fields of Study Added:19.5. 2009 8:06

The Special Branch: Science Theatre

Its strong position among artistic disciplines, apart from film or music, science and theater criticism. It is this field of study by people who love theater, yet they feel more comfortable in the stands rather than on stage. Theater lovers, budding creators, who have drawers hide his own lyrics to the Games, the actors, which are received or at Academy of Music, philosophers and cultural enthusiasts. They all can meet on the field of theatrical science lectures. Note: Article was updated on the 29th 11th 2009 (-pel-)

Fields of Study Added:11.5. 2009 7:47

New courses at FF MUNI: Scandinavian Studies and the Chinese Cultural Studies

On our site you are trying to report regularly on the newly opened branches in various Czech universities. In this article you can learn the details of two new fields of study at the Philosophical Faculty in Brno, which deal with different world cultures.

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