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Fields of Study

In the section on Special fields for you to clearly process information about individual fields. You are not a clear distinction between social pedagogy and social work? Do not know what to imagine under applied mathematics or international relations? It is in this section, we explain what each field from the studio to wait, what subjects offered and what their graduates.

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Fields of Study Added:7.10. 2007 9:14

Knowledge of schools are using every day, says graduate BUT

Paul Cooper in June this year has successfully completed high school with a master's degree. Five years studying electronics and communication engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication BUT. While at school he founded his own small business with antenna and communication technology. Since leaving school he managed to handle three other trade licenses and all the work he is looking for himself. But as he says, knowledge of high school on a daily basis.

To study the vet? Get ready for a new experience Added:30.5. 2007 7:04

To study the vet? Get ready for a new experience

Entrance exams are in full swing and some of you might think, if you chose correctly, or whether they do not shop around for another school. Every business has its positives and negatives. Those who choose to study vet, delivers the following article a few comic surprises, which can happen during the study.

Asian studies more and more people are interested Added:4.12. 2004 12:13

Asian studies more and more people are interested

"Interest in Asian Studies at Palacky University in Olomouc is considerable. Last year, the Chinese have reported nearly 200 people, the year before the Japanese have about 50 more applicants, "says Head of Department David Uher, PhD.

ALL the special program educates top managers Added:16.2. 2004 3:59

ALL the special program educates top managers

The most successful students of the University of Economics in Prague may participate in a unique study program `s Master in International Management, the school provides its graduates. Among the assumptions necessary to adopt not only an excellent academic performance, but also perfect knowledge of at least two foreign languages, communication skills, good orientation in the field …

Fields of Study Added:19.1. 2004 6:22

MBA programs - promoting education

Today, higher education is becoming almost commonplace. In many professions and to achieve certain (mostly senior) positions is almost inevitable. Sometimes even that is not enough, rather, to deepen the already existing education is a huge advantage. The international title is due to the early accession of the Czech Republic to the EU Directives great. MBA programs are one of the options to achieve this.

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