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Fields of Study

In the section on Special fields for you to clearly process information about individual fields. You are not a clear distinction between social pedagogy and social work? Do not know what to imagine under applied mathematics or international relations? It is in this section, we explain what each field from the studio to wait, what subjects offered and what their graduates.

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Cameraman Ondrej Belica about studying at FAMU and the work of cinematographer Added:22.8. 2011 6:38

Cameraman Ondrej Belica about studying at FAMU and the work of cinematographer

Ondrej Belica has had on their age varied career – for example, participated in the series comeback and foul or document Rene. In the following interview tells about his work and while studying at FAMU.

The Special Branch: Demographics Added:18.8. 2011 6:12

The Special Branch: Demographics

"Demography is on the border between natural and social sciences. It touches on events that concern everyone. "Exactly such sentences to attract your potential university students. What can this field can actually imagine and where to go after him?

The Special Branch: Air transport Added:12.8. 2011 5:06

The Special Branch: Air transport

Would not you be a dustman, a princess or an astronaut? Maybe you have not dreamed of becoming a pilot. Having the power to check the equipment prior to departure, all properly plan, organize, and then just float among the clouds. Where did you learn these skills?

The Special Field: Inorganic chemistry Added:1.8. 2011 6:39

The Special Field: Inorganic chemistry

Chemistry is the science is very important for today and the achievements we encounter at every step. One possible specialization in this area is just inorganic chemistry; field which you can study at several Czech schools.

The Special Branch: Arboriculture Added:27.7. 2011 5:49

The Special Branch: Arboriculture

The word derives from the Latin arbor, meaning tree. This in itself suggests that today will be devoted to special branch, which falls into the realm of science …

The Special Field: Art therapy Added:18.7. 2011 7:58

The Special Field: Art therapy

It is said that the eye is a window into the soul. For art therapy is the proverbial window image. Mysterious therapeutic field of psychology is not only intended for patients, but serves to recognize the human psyche.

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