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Comparison of Fields

In the section for you to comparison subjects, we see what the study the same field vary in individual faculties or universities. We seek information on graduates, the chances of acceptance, technical equipment and differences in approaches to teaching or specialization of individual institutions. Based on these findings, you can responsibly decide where your dream field study.

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What is the mission of the study of special education is evident at first…

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Director winning economist Martin Gregor: We pay attention to the international character and the quality of teaching Added:12.2. 2013 9:00

Director winning economist Martin Gregor: We pay attention to the international character and the quality of teaching

Economic newspapers published a list of top business schools. The winner was the second consecutive Institute of Economic Studies (IES) of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University in Prague. The specifics of school we talked with the director of IES Martin Gregor.

COMPARISON OF COURSES: Psychology Added:22.1. 2013 7:51
Updated:22.1. 2013 8:34


The study of psychology is a lot of people dream the future. Fulfill that dream can now have students in three different faculties. Each offers a slightly different focus, a form of study or exercise. See what the one that offers them. Note: Article was updated on the 29th 12th 2009 (-K-)

COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Information and Library Studies Added:15.6. 2012 5:25

COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Information and Library Studies

Do you work with computers, but you know that classic IT courses you do not say anything? Why not try a discipline that combines information technology and library? Offering him Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno and Philosophy and Science, Silesian University in Opava.

Foreign universities in Prague Added:6.2. 2012 5:39

Foreign universities in Prague

Foreign languages ​​are currently valued not only for travel, but also job search. One of the ways to improve them, is very different fields of study at universities abroad. The following article is devoted to such schools in Prague, but you can also look forward to an article about schools outside Prague.

COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Botany Added:28.11. 2011 5:40
Updated:24.11. 2011 9:46


Botany Branch is in our universities represented only in master's and doctoral cycle, but those who would like to pay once botany, would it have been thinking when choosing a Bachelor degree. What, then, is the study of botany and what discipline is his best starting point?

COMPARISON OF BRANCHES: Logistics Added:3.10. 2011 7:12


Logistics is becoming increasingly popular discipline that can be studied in the Czech Republic already at three different universities. The following article focuses on the comparison of individual study programs in logistics, transport and communications, but also the combination of this field is the study of information systems.

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