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Tips for Graduates

Graduates with their graduation Council's aim is to help our readers not only to manage the high school diploma, but the study in general. We deal with different techniques for the most effective learning, we will give you tips on handling issues of graduation, we'll keep you posted highlighting important dates and have some fun you pearls since graduation.

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Tips for Graduates Added:15.6. 2008 7:05

The longest holiday of your life

Dear graduates, you've got the longest vacation of your life. Well does not that sound cool? After the hard work around the entrance and graduation they certainly deserve a rest. So long time off but can be used as an active …

Tips for Graduates Added:17.5. 2008 7:23

POLL: Which strategy to choose Holy Week?

Wondering how best to use the holy week to repeat graduation issues, which the subject is best to begin, or whether it is better to walk through a form of relaxation or a good meal? In the next poll, we asked students in the fourth year of Mendel Grammar School in Opava, the strategy for the last week chose teaching.

Tips for Graduates Added:7.5. 2008 7:45

Even during svaťáku can catch something. Advise you how!

As soon as he wakes from a euphoric feeling in the hands of actually wielding the latest report card from high school, he again took to the knížkám – is the Graduation is around the corner and you have just one week that you are well prepared for her. Server now brings you a few pointers from Holy Week to extract as much as possible.

Tips for Graduates Added:28.4. 2008 7:38

How seniors are experiencing the last month before the maturity test?

Today's poll will reveal the feelings of this year's graduates. How to prepare for adulthood and to test any entrance exams? How to manage stress? Some have certainly been busy learning, others perhaps from the fateful day, trying to sail a sea of ​​alcohol. To some it is a must. How about you? Get inspired …

Tips for Graduates Added:20.1. 2008 10:18

How do I make a list read literature?

An inalienable part of the graduation exam is a list of literature read. Although this is the easiest part of preparations for graduation, it is not advisable to underestimate. Here are some rules that must be followed.

Tips for Graduates Added:7.1. 2008 11:46

What about foreign languages ​​at university?

Many high school foreign languages ​​considered a necessary evil, and their teaching as „squeeze“. They argue that after graduation, it's just not needed. What is that?

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